I've been shooting the CAT cam for some time now. I've learned a ton of things. One thing I have found is how to find the sweet spot. We all like a different feel and I would like for this thread to be used to help each of us find what we like. I have done lots of testing and I will continue to do a lot more. The one thing I know is that when you find the sweet spot as I have you will enjoy this cam as much or more than any cam you have shot.

I wish I had some pictures and I will try to take some tonight.

I want to help those that want help and to continue to learn myself.

Let's define some myths and facts about the cam in this thread.

Let's define some do's and don'ts.

I will try to start. I'm always short on time and I will help each day that I can.

Myth-At full draw the modules must touch the cables at the same time, Most certainly Myth.
Fact-Your bow can perform at its optimum setting while the modules do not touch the cables at full draw at all, and where the gap between the module and the cable are not exactly the same. When you are in this setting, the draw stop becomes the key factor.

Do's- Use the draw stop to your advantage. Long draw guys (30,31") we would need to discuss. I'm a 28" draw.

Don'ts-Do not get worked up about the "Timing" of the wheels" get it close and work on the draw stop. Then fine tune. I can help with that.

Do's-Get the cam wrapped up in the cable as much as possible without the cables touching the cable(Loop) post in the relaxed (static-not full draw) state. This gap needs to be minimized. Again the gap from the top and bottom do not have to be the same.

Don'ts-Do not try to shoot the bow with 80% or more let off. When you let the bow down from full draw and you feel like you have to push it to get it to come down you have excessive let off. I wouldn't want that for my optimum setting.

Lets work together in this thread to help one another get the cam in the optimum setting and listen to each others remarks to continue learning.

I will not be on the thread often but I will do what I can to help. Work gets in the way.