String, arrow and arrow fletching question..


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    String, arrow and arrow fletching question..

    Hi, I'm pretty new to bowhunting and just had a few questions about the above.. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    I just read something about FOB or Fletching Only Better.. What is this? I've heard good things and was wondering about its advantages. Do I need a different size arrow to use it? Where could I find them?

    Also, what are the advantages with changing the factory strings? Are there some good aftermarket ones that may be better suited? Could that void the warrenty? Make it shoot faster, or quieter? Where to find them?

    Finally, the broadheads.. Mechanical vs. solid? Any opinions? Are there any percieved advantages to one or the other? Good brands, styles? Where to find them?


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    FOB's are a plastic cylider that are held on by the nock. Heres a quick link

    I think they work great for stabilizing arrow flight. Downfalls are they can't be shot through a whisker biscuit, you will see why when you see a picture. Personally, I don't like how they contact my face. I'm sure if I shot them enough I would get used to them. No need for a different arrow unless they don't produce one for you shaft size.

    As for facory strings it depends on what your bow company used initially. A good string can speed up your bow, last longer, and maybe quieter. Find them at your Pro-Shops or the guy down the road at Archery Talk. I use Winners Choice.

    Broadheads- read achery talk long enough and you'll realize that for every user there is an opinion. I will never use a mech. head ever again, due to a premature opening. Try tracking a wounded pronghorn for two days. Trust me it sucks. For me fixed all the way. I now will only shoot G5's Montec or Striker, Muzzy's MX-3.

    Good luck

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    pm paul morris for more details on FOB's.
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