? Bear lights out ?


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    Question ? Bear lights out ?

    ? Has any one shot or seen a Fred Bear Lights out? I have a '05 TomKat with smooth mods that is one of my favorite bows. The specs for the Lights Out are right in that category, and the $329 price tag looks really good right now. Any money I might have had for a high end bow is now going into my gas tank. Speed is nice, but not as important as a smooth and easy to shoot bow. The new truth 2 is twice the money. and I can't go there right now. Any feed back on this bow?
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    The biggest problem with bear is the name. If it was one of the big three people would be all over it. The lights out looks like a fine bow.
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    I shot the 08 lights out and the 07 instinct in January. They have almost identicle specs. I really couldnt tell a difference in the 2 bows shot wise. Both smooth draw, silent, and no shock. I liked that the lights out came with WC strings and a string stopper built into the bow. But the Instinct was marked way down to get it out of the way so I bought it and spent what I saved on all trophy ridge acc. Now I am not exactly pleased with the string and have purchased a string stopper so I'm not sure I saved anything in the long run lol. Anyway I would head to a Bear dealer they make fine bows. I have sht nothing but Bear and Jennings for more than 18 years and all my deer are just as dead as my buddies with those high dollar rigs. You might even get lucky and fall into a deal on an 07 if you call around a bit and really deck it out.


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    Is any one able to give a hands on comparison between a TomKat and a Lights out? Being left handed, it is hard to find bows to try out , to see how they feel. Thanks for any help.
    Today.....I am older than I have ever been before.....and I'm real happy about that.
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    its a really nice bow, the tomcat is going to be a hair faster but the lightw out is smoother and easy to shoot

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    Just got mine today (which is why I was looking up Lights-out threads!) So far, after about 80 arrows, I'm loving it.

    My 1st 5 arrows ever out of my 1st compound bow, at 20 yds (at shop, no adjustments, off the rack):

    (I was aiming for the bullseye of the one with the most arrows in it.)

    (No, I have no idea why my photo-app wants to upload these rotated.)

    After about 80 arrows, all sighted in, but you can tell I'm starting to get a little tired. 30 yds:

    All in all, I'm pretty pleased. It's slightly heavier than some other bows, but also half the price of the noticeably lighter ones.

    To my way of thinking, this bow is about 30x more accurate than I'll be able to notice over the next several years. When I get so good that I can find fault with the bow, I'll consider a more expensive (or, by then, maybe just newer-tech) model. For now...
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    Angry lights out

    the cable at the lower cam wore through on my ljghts out after 3 weeks of shooting

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    If the lights out is anything like the instinct then it should be a good bow. They can be tuned well and have good speed. My Bear was shooting 292 before putting in a peep then 288 after. It held up fine against the big boys in the IBO and ASA worlds last year.

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    looks like a sweet huntin bow
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    I bought one for my son recently so he could get rid of my old hand me down Whitetail Legend, we relegated that one to carp shooting because it was so loud. So far, he loves his Lights Out, it is fast and quiet and for a small bow it has enough adjustment to fit him, he's 6' 1" and sixteen.

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    Lights Out

    Zac got a set of toxonics and wanted to get set up today, here's the Lights Out and his results. As I stated in the above post he loves this bow.

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    The lights out DOES NOT come with winner choice strings, the Truth 2 is the only bow in the 08 bear line up that does. I bought a done deal then had WC strings and cables put on...should have just bought the truth 2!

    Quote Originally Posted by MOBowMaster View Post
    I liked that the lights out came with WC strings and a string stopper built into the bow.

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