Hog Hunting Ranch in NE Oklahoma


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    Hog Hunting Ranch in NE Oklahoma

    I just went to a place called www.outdooradventureshunting.com I first heard about it here on AT from NatesParker. It is located about 30 minutes SW of Joplin, MO, in NE Oklahoma--so it is a great location for Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, etc. The owner owns 3200 acres of land and traps feral hogs there on a daily basis, which he then transfers to to his HF Ranch, which is about 80 acres. The hogs there range in size from piglets to 400 pounds, depending on what he has trapped recently.

    While pretty small in acreage, the terrain is pretty hilly, rocky, and thick with trees, branches and deadfalls. I went with a group of six friends. Three of the guys had never really hunted before and two others had never taken a hog with a bow. While it was not the most challenging hunt of my life, we did have a blast--especially the newbies. Because the hogs are pretty recently trapped, they are quite wary...once they are bumped up, they either keep running the entire time or bed down deep in really thick cover. I had to shoot mine while it was trotting by at a pretty good pace. That made it a bit more challenging.

    The owner is a really great guy and will work very hard to make sure everyone gets a hog. We had one guy in our group that missed about 10 times before he finally got one--the owner took it as a personal challenge to help that guy get one. I was really fired up that he finally scored.

    Oh, and the best part about the place is that it costs only $200 regardless of the size hog you get. The six we shot ranged from 160 to 275 pounds. There is also a nearby meat processor that will turn one into steaks and sausage for 60 bucks. I have about 100 pounds of breakfast sausage coming my way soon. Not a bad deal.

    If you are not against HF hunting, and are looking for a fun outing, especially with newbies or kids, this is a great place to go.
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    Thanks for posting

    Im certianly planning on doing a hog hunt soon. Have several buddies wanting to go on one.
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