Blue Mountain Archery - Old Bow


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    Blue Mountain Archery - Old Bow

    I bought this bow over 10 years ago. The company is called Blue Mountain Archery. This model is called the wolverine. I can't find any information about the company - I assume it is out of business.

    I recently bought a DXT and I am happy with it. However, I would like to have a backup bow.

    My dilemma is this ...

    Should I put some money into this old bow that I have, or save my pesos and get a newer, used bow?

    Is anyone familiar with this company or this bow? Is the bow capable of shooting well?

    I know the pics aren't great. I would appreciate any thoughts.

    Also, if I decide to keep this bow, where can I get a good aftermarket grip? It seems most grip makers cater only to name brand bows ... ?
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    One More Pic

    One More Pic
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    That bow should shoot very well with new cables and string. The only worry would be the limbs, if the company is out of business. If a limb cracks, you may be out of luck, but at the price of new cables and string, I think it would be worth setting up again.


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    Yes I had several Blue mountian bows And I really liked them all. That bow is about 15 years old I would guess. I would have to figure how much money you are going to have to put in it. But Im sure it at one time shoot good and fairly fast even for todays standers.

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    Limb Life?

    Over the course of its life, it has probably had less than 500 shots. How long do you expect limbs to last? It has sat strung for over 10 years.

    As far as cost ... other than standard accessories (which I would need to purchase anyway if I bought a newer used bow), the only thing I think it would need is a new string and cables. Does this sound right? Or are there other things that I would need to replace?

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    Well, its a machined riser, which wont need servicing. The cams should be just fine, as well as the bushings, since you say it has only 500 or so shots on it. The limb cups are grip arent problem areas, and the limbs may very well last forever. I see no reason to add anything other than string/cables, sight, rest, stabilizer, and let her rip.

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    It will shoot well I shot one just like it way back when but I would save the money and buy something newer as a BU bow.
    The Blue Mountains were good bows in there time but as with many bows of that era they were very hard on limbs " I bought an extra set to keep on hand so when they broke I didn't have to wait on a new set".
    Also the company is long gone so any replacement parts are nonexistent.
    They were a good bow in their day but I would find something newer.


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    I would put new stings & harness on & start shooting
    the cams are HCA hatchet cams if you need draw length chance they are available
    I have a friend that is still shooting one
    it is a very nice bow
    as to limbs
    they maybe Gorden limbs
    keep that nice bow shooting
    good shooting

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    We are a dealer in Pa. who carried Blue Mountain and yes they went down the tubes.It was a decent bow for the money and I dont want to sound like I am bashing them but to be honest with you,they were limb eaters.We had a trash can full of splintered limbs.They would get slivers on the edges.You probably will get next to nothing for it so I would get new strings for it and keep it for a backup.

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    That is a nice project bow to rebuild. If you bust a limb in the future I bet you can get Dave Barnsdale limbs put on there.

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    They are not High Country cams, closer to a clearwater cam. Some early ones would interchange. Blue Mt. bows were made by a company that did machining for several other companies. The cams were Clearwater, the riser was a copy of a Martin Pantera. If in need you could put martin limbs on it, I've done it before.They made some of if not all of the Pantera risers.
    I'm new at this. Lets shoot for moneyHidden Content

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    blue mountain

    back in the day i shot the blue mountains i had a razorback, a sabertooth and a couple of wolverines. i can attest to the limb problems but if they are still in good shape and not starting to splinter they might last awhile. i had one wolverine that i was shooting with low grain weight(under 5gpp)and it never had any problems. my other one went thru a couple of sets of limbs. the cams were very similar to high country but not the same. late on they even came out with newwer modules that had a hard stop. the original ones were kinda mushhy. i still have a set of cams around some where and have some draw lentgh mods if you should need them. i think with a new string and set of cables you would have a decent backup


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    I had 4 Wolverines and a Razorback and never had one limb failure. My brother owned 2 Wolverines and a Razorback as well and he did have one limb problem on a Wolverine but it was do to low gpp arrows and extreme speeds. Awesome bows and wish I would have kept one. She was a shooter for me.

    Re-cable and string it and enjoy.


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    Keep It

    I think that I will probably keep it around, put on a new string and use it.

    Where can I get a good grip for it. I have a torqueless on my DXT and I really like it. I would like something similar to that.

    Does anyone know of any companies that would make me one to fit this bow?


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    TTT - what about the grip???

    I just made an order on a viscosity string. Brian gave me good info and was easy to deal with.

    Anybody have any ideas about the grip? I really don't like the one that is on it now. I would love something similar to my torqueless.


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