Arrows 340 or 400?


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Thread: Arrows 340 or 400?

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    Arrows 340 or 400?

    I want to order the right ones the first time, Shooting caribou at 70 lbs 29 in. draw with 30 in arrow, trying to pick up a bit of speed but which one is a better choice and how much difference between the two. Will post end result when complete. Thanks .

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    Without all your bow, arrow and head specs I wouldn't be able to say for sure but most of the time you will need the 340's at 70lbs and 30" to maintian the proper spine.

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    You don't say what size point?!? A buddy and I shoot same set-up, but I shoot 340's w/ 125gr tips and he shoots 400's w/ 100 gr tips...
    So your like alot of people right on the bubble... you want more speed?!? Try shooting 400's with 100gr and see how they shoot... Can you borrow a couple arrow from buddies and see how they flys for you?? Id look into something like that before I buy a dz. arrows

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    There is no doubt you need the 340's . If your arrows were like 27 inches long then you might get by with the 400's but with a 29 inch draw , 30 inch arrow and shooting 70 lbs then the 400 would be extremely weak spined.

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    Shooting 100 gr. points .

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    I plugged in some numbers and got this;

    ICS Hunter .340 @ 30" spined well with a 125 gr. tip, speed @ 240 FPS

    ICS Hunter >400 @ 27" perfect spine with 100 gr. tip .speed 257 fps

    so , if you want more speed the >400 is the way to go.
    signed by me.

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