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    Fob Questions

    How Much Do They Weigh?
    Any Trouble Using A Limb Driver Drop Away With Them?

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    Acordign to the web sight
    FOBs weigh approximately (24.5) twenty-four and one half grains.
    go to and find all you need to know about the FOBs i posted a 40 yard shot in cross wind today at the FOBnation web site under the same shooter22 user name as here. I was using Montecs. Oh they can answer your question about you rest too

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    i use them with the limbdriver pro and it works great i didnt have to adjust a thing.i have the limbdrivers on all my bows and shoot fobs through all them with no problems.

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    Yep 24.5 grains. I shoot them and love them. Im going to post a picture of a 60 yard group here in the next couple days,i even surprised myself.

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