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    Yeah, stay away from these......"WOW"" what a weekend!!!!

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    It's been said before but here is what I look for in MN....

    Lilac are's never failed me yet

    Elm trees that have the bark hanging, the number one spot to look

    DNR land burns, if they burned the land the year before I'm sure to find Morels

    I don't sell the shrooms but pick enough to eat, I still have some in the freezer. When you can pick for over an hour and the shrooms are hand size then you know your in 7th heaven.

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    We just started finding a few in Clark county...
    First day

    Second day

    They will bust loose shortly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cityhunter346 View Post
    She was friends with some of the top botanists in the country. They said they wouldn't even pick their own mushrooms - too many poisonous imitations.
    That's because botanists don't know a whole lot about mushrooms. Now if she knew some mycologists, then we could talk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdman View Post
    when you find morals shake them together and get the spores out and you will have them there again next year... that works pretty well here in northern IL..if you find stubs the deer beat you to them.. they like them too...4 or 5 days of 70 degree weather will get them going.
    i was always told to use an onion sack to collect them. then give them a good shake to get the spores out, and have your secret spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WVBOHNTR View Post
    Here is one of the best tips ever on hunting mushrooms, if you find a good spot with plenty of mushrooms DON'T TELL ANYONE. I've taken a few friends to some of my favorite spots and then they take a few of their friends and they take a few of their friends the next season and the next thing you know when you go there the only thing you find is footprints and little mushroom stumps.
    That is tip #1!!!!!!

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    Got some good ones this year! Good Eatin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSLegacy View Post
    I love morels but have a dang hard time findin' em. Can you guys give me any pointers? I've been told to:
    1. look on the southern facing side of the ridge
    2. look around old stumps, rotting timber and cedar trees

    Surely some of you guys hunt mushrooms too!
    Here is sure to look down when you set up your blind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -bowfreak- View Post
    Here is sure to look down when you set up your blind.
    or hook up your boat.. I found a handful right by my boat the other day.

    Cheak around ash trees also.

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