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Thread: Do turkeys use the same areas and roost year after year like deer?

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    Do turkeys use the same areas and roost year after year like deer?

    Hey guys. I was gonna take a long drive and walk today to the public land but deicded slepe was best. I also wasnt sure if this spot (that i havent stepped foot on since fall deer season) would have any birds?

    Last year while scouting a jumped some out of a tree, up the hill from this spot, about 100 yards, theres another set of trees that birds have roosted in, but never when i was hunting, and about 2/10 of a mile out the ridge theres another set of pines i beleive they have roosted in as well, and that whole top of the ridge is always torn up with scratchings.

    i tink there will be birds roositng in that area, but do turkey usually use the same roost areas year after year?

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    They stick around the same places at my lease...they may move around to a few places, but it is always the same general areas.

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    The Turkeys select a roost site based on the topography of the area I'm really not sure what that word means but it sort of fit. They will actually roost in the same tree year after year, however there fall roost and there spring roosting locations sometimes change.

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    Just from where I hunt in Alabama.....We will have turkeys in an area during the fall and they will disappear come spring time, however, we do see birds stay in the same area from fall to spring. This goes both ways. As far as roosting, when the birds get in there "spring" area, they typically will roost in the same areas (as in a 200 yard radius) but I have never seen them roost in the exact same tree down here. Then again, we have alot of turkey hunters down here and they are hunted hard, dont know if that has anything to do with it or not, but I personally think it does.

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    thanks for the info, i didnt mean i saw turkeys there in the fal,, that was the last tiem i was in that specific area deer hunting. but i didnt see or hear any in that area in the fall.

    but spring, they really like to hang around that area, which is suprising cause its really close to the road, i found it by chance going back to my truck after walking about a mile up this ridge scouting with no luck, lol.

    i watched a gobbler strut in this area on day a week before season, of course come season no luck.

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    That's why I suck at hunting deer. I haven't found where they've been roosting! And all this time I've been looking for them on the ground. Dadgummit.
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    I see these merriam/rio turkeys we hunt in CO and NE in the same exact trees year to year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneaky Apasum View Post
    That's why I suck at hunting deer. I haven't found where they've been roosting! And all this time I've been looking for them on the ground. Dadgummit.
    Yep, that is the secret!! Had to bump a couple of non shooters out of my stands a couple of mornings, but the big boys must have heard something as they never showed. Maybe next year!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneaky Apasum View Post
    That's why I suck at hunting deer. I haven't found where they've been roosting! And all this time I've been looking for them on the ground. Dadgummit.

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    I would say they usually roost in the same areas each year during each season. However, they do tend to move from Fall to Spring. Usually if you hear a bunch of birds in a spot one year then you'll usually hear at least one in that area. Sometimes the best spots change from year to year. Usually the largest trees toward the tops of ridges with some open forest underneath are good spots to find bird.
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    id say yes
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    In one of the spots we turkey hunt the turkeys have roosted in the same area for about 10 years, well thats about as long as we have been hunting it. That is private land so I'm not sure about public land. That public land probably gets more activity than the land we hunt I'm sure. From the spots I have hunted it seems they will roost in the same places all season and from year to year. Good luck

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    Here around my home in Arkansas Ozarks the turkeys dont roost in the same trees every night. They move around the area. You might find em on one ridge today and the next ridge over tomorrow. Where I hunt rios in Kansas there will be turkeys roosting in the same exact trees every night, Big ol sycamores in a creek bottom.
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    The Easterns in North Dakota seem to favor the same roosts from year to year.
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    The property I mainly hunt they are THICK the first 2-3 weeks of October during deer season. After that they disappear until the next fall. Saw 200+ last fall in about 3 days of hunting. Say 2 gobblers and 3 hens in 3 days of spring hunting....and none execpt a lone hen were within 130 yds.

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    They usually have several roost areas they alternate to and from daily.Habitat has a lot to do with it also.If their habitat undergoes a drastic change for the worse they will relocate.Also in the fall they tend to flock up in bigger numbers.I have several "go to" spots that i always harvest birds at,and they are ridges that are around cut-overs .There is always turkeys at these spots due to the fact that the cut-overs provide cover and nesting purposes for the hens,which when they do go to nest they do not allow the toms to enter with them,thus leaving the toms lonely and receptive to calling.Of course that is in the spring,but they are there during fall also.
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    good info guys.


    i think the majority of my hunts here on out this year will be late morning/afternoon hunts. I read a really interesting article, which made sence. If you dont get one off the roost your pretty much screwed till the hens leave the toms mid morning/early afternoon when the gobblers are alone. then get out there and hunt em. and that means i get some precious sleeeeeeeeeep! lol.

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    I think both deer and turkey's will use the same general areas year after year but depending on the food sources they do change their patterns of feeding and bedding based on what is available and where it is.
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    In my experience

    Yes. I find that hte same general spots are used year after year. Not day after day though. For example, in my primary spot some times they roost on the edge of the south ridge, Some times down in the valley, some times on the ridge right behind the property owner and some times on the hill accross the street. Which spot on what day is a crap shoot. For example they may be on the hill behind the land owners but where they are roosted on the hill may varry by a a hundred or two hundred yards. Pending where that is they will fly down different ways and go to different places.

    The main point is they tend to roost in the same general areas year in and year out.
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    We don't even have to think about what location to set up our first morning for turkey.
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    Do turkeys use the same areas and roost year after year like deer?

    In regards to the stated question...I can't say that our deer around here roost at all. I'm not saying they don't, just never seen or heard one fly down...

    Jokes aside...The turkeys we hunt normally have the same areas they frequent. If they get pushed out of their favorite roosting spot they normally are back there the next year.
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