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Thread: Trespasser pics?

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    Pulling Up....

    "Geez Dear! What's this daggum thing??"

    "Welp, I better check it out...gaheeheehee"

    A moob shot!

    He is either checking out what is on the other side of the tree or taking a whiz.

    Shaking the camera....

    "Geez honey...I thing this dern thing is a camera"

    Looking at my mineral lick...

    Hoping on...

    Getting out of dodge...

    These pictures will be hand delivered to the trespasser by my father-in-law shortly.

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    Nice pics,Those are the kind we are looking for.

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    heartlunger, what kinda security did you have on that cam? and what did mr trespasser say to your father-in-law-to-be?

    Can't leave out the juicy parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallvitals View Post
    heartlunger, What Kinda Security Did You Have On That Cam? And What Did Mr Trespasser Say To Your Father-in-law-to-be?

    Can't Leave Out The Juicy Parts

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    These folks kept entering private property I had permission to hunt on, the owner couldn't catch them, finally I said look, "I have these cameras that could probably catch them, maybe get some identifying features, enough to have the sheriff give them a talking too. We just need to set up IR ones, and hope they don't see the cam". 1000 acres of roaded property and somehow, judging from all the tracks, I picked the right road, bingo. The sheriff chewed on them for a while, and the owner showed everyone around the pics, one, to find out if someone knew who they were, and two, so everyone around thinks he has cams out and maybe think twice about tresspassing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FallVitals View Post
    heartlunger, what kinda security did you have on that cam? and what did mr trespasser say to your father-in-law-to-be?

    Can't leave out the juicy parts
    No security. Just the two ratchet straps that hold the BEC mounting hardware to the tree. I didn't figure I would need security as everyone around is very respectful of property lines---usually. Now, however, I have another BEC watching that BEC. The BEC I have setup for security is well hidden and not only watching that cam but a secondary trail.

    I know this guy is not a hunter, so he probably did not know what the "box" was on the tree. Even if he did, he would have no use in taking it...other than to destroy the evidence. Even if he did take it, I already had the pictures on my computer before he would have gotten it off the tree, because of that it would have been easy to get it back. It's one of the cool features of the wireless transmission.

    I haven't spoken with my Father-in-law since posting these pics. I can imagine that the conversation will be very cordial, though, and I'm sure the trespasser will agree to not return without permission. We've got the evidence that he was in the wrong, not much he can do now other than to apologize.

    When I find out what happens, or what happened I'll let every one know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punch_Free4L View Post
    REckin hes the one that stole you r cam
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    I love this thread...some of the pics are hilarious. Thanks for posting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FEDIE316 View Post
    How about this one!
    Attachment 402417

    why was the game warden so interested in checking your bear bait?? Was it on public land or private? Be quite odd for him to be going on private land like that. But looks like he is in a hurry to get to the bait unless you got aq new game warden bait that brings officers in fast!

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    Private Property ????

    I will concede that these pics are not of the best quality, but they are pics over a seculded 2000 sqaure foot plot of Whitetail Imperial Extreme on private property. The guy on the tractor is the landowner's son who swears he never goes into the woods, no-one knows who the other two guys are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanley View Post
    How about the guy on the dozer?
    Got him too.....I'd have prosecuted but he fixed some washouts before he left

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    Theres a guy on a dozer tresspassing on your property? What the heck was he doing, just out for a joy ride? That one takes the cake!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CT_bow View Post
    Theres a guy on a dozer tresspassing on your property? What the heck was he doing, just out for a joy ride? That one takes the cake!!
    He wasn't tresspassing on the club, just fixing some washouts from the flood this spring. I don't know who the guy's are on the atv's though...

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    For all you guys who have these pics, I wouldn't go up to them to tell them to stop. I'd go straight to the police and prosecute. That's the only way you'll get these losers to stay off your property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowhuntnsteve View Post
    why was the game warden so interested in checking your bear bait?? Was it on public land or private? Be quite odd for him to be going on private land like that. But looks like he is in a hurry to get to the bait unless you got aq new game warden bait that brings officers in fast!
    The bait was on private land. He was in a hurry alright, you should see the video! When I looked at my pics and saw him I was a little shocked to say the least! I found out his name and decided to call him up being that this was my first ever year with a bear tag I wanted to make sure I was doing things right. He said that he received a call from "someone" saying that I had an illegal bait going. I told him I'm not sure how "someone" would even know being that I'm the only one that had permission to be bear hunting there, he said the person didn't leave their name. So he says that he had to check it out to make sure that it wasn't illegal, I asked him if I was doing anything wrong and he said the only thing that was illegal was the square piece of plywood I was using to cover the stump. I told him I didn't realize that was illegal and I would get rid of it right away, he said no problem and that was the end of it. Come to find out a couple of days later, the neighbor was also running a couple of baits, FOR THE WARDENS SON! I believe I know why he was checking it out now!

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    wow. these pictures are great.

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    That is a great thread, keep them coming.

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    Didn't bring them back

    I just came back from 10 days at the lake cabin. I put 3 cameras out. One of them over seeing the salt block on my ridge behind the cabin.

    First one.....was my lab. (very 1st pix)

    2 days later my neighbor was up.

    Got 4 pix of her and her daughter checking out my salt block.

    They never seen the camera.
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    Yeah, some (not all!) wardens definitely abuse their "power". Can't stand some of those guys. Got some guys like that here in PA sgl 145, jerks, give you a hard time for hunting what we know is "their spot".

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    i got his ***** ,checked my cams today and after a month of cat and mouse he sliped up ,,i will keep you poste be back after while
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    I do not know this man
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    Caught these yo-hos a while back. None of the neighbors have any idea of who they are. There is a campground about 4-5 miles away that has 4 wheeler trails on site. We think these guys decided to extend their ride. They went around our gate up the hillside through the Oaks right past our "No Trepassing" signs. Never caught a plate number on camera (required in MN.)

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    I got one from this spring but waiting to see if he returns and decides to steal or damage the camera I left out there. He came thru in the rain and looks like the flash caught his eye because he is looking right at the camera.
    If the camera is gone or damaged this being the first time someone has been in a picture being where the camera is. I am hoping to return July 4th and the camera is still there. I have it secure someowhat with a master cable lock around a large tree. I hoping he leaves it alone but if not I will be at the Sheriff's Department with a copy of the picture. He is ona Yamaha Rhino. We have had others on ATV but this is the first time in this area being it is out the normal ways they cut through the property. It is bound to happen some just have to respect for others property. Being he is on a Rhino he is a local trailer trash guy that thinks any property is his. Just hoping the camera is still there and working..

    Sheriffs Department is about 45 minute ride to report it... But sometimes having reported it if it continues you have a record of it and can push the issue it it happens more often so they can look for the Rhino and help find the guy as well.

    Wished the trespass laws had more to them than a ticket but they (law enforcement has to catch them in the act and doubt that will happen... But like I said if something does happen to my camera I will be making a report with a color picture for them so they might look into it...

    Only time will tell... Hope others don't lose a camera tough to learn and the costs to replace one. Hard to be nice once you have lost one but seems it only takes one person to wreck it for everyone's peace of mind...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackscall View Post
    I do not know this man
    Check wit the guys at your local Fire deparment...they may recognize him.

    His shirt looks to be have a fire department maltese cross with crossed axes on the front....
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    Dont have it on camera but, last year we got a call from a cop that has a cabin down from ours that he kicked 2 people off our property. He said that he was driving by and a truck was parked by are property and they had Indiana license plates. Being that we don't have any family in Indiana he thought they might be trespassing, he found them and kicked them off. They told him they thought it was public land even though we have no trespassing signs all over the place. We had just got home from the that day so we think these sobs waited for us to leave. Not sure why he didnt get them in trouble but he didnt so they just left.

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