Looking for a Black Bear hunt


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    Looking for a Black Bear hunt

    Looking for a good place for me and my wife to hunt black bear. I am wanting to Bowhunt, she has not decided gun/bow?
    Anybody here used any good places/outfitters. I appreciate the help.

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    Bear Hunt

    After many, many bear hunts I have found what I think is the best of the best for black bear. Called Border Country Outfitters, in Ontario Canada just over the border from MN. Great lodge, fantastic food wonderful people and a ton of bears. Be prepared to see 2-10 bears every day. They have both bow and rifle stands as well as muzzy stands. They have double stands if you want to hunt with your wife. They also have some amazing deer hunts too. Oh and the best part...CHEAP..I think a 1 week bear hunt is around 2K. They have had lots of bow hunters(compound and traditional), and they have had a lot of lady hunters..You can check them out on the web at www.bordercountryoutfitters.com...good luck!

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    Check out Mountain View Drifter Lodge in Maine.
    Rick and his wife Nance run a A1 operation.
    I am going up for my second hunt with them this fall.
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    Pontiac Lodge Inc.Pontiac Lodge Inc. this is a good one. cheep too.

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    In your search for a place, check with your taxidermist also. He may know of one or two places as well as letting you know what he recommends as far as care of hide, measurements, cuts, etc. I have a hand out that I give to all my bear hunters. Some don't think about it but your last looks of your trophy come after the taxidermist is done. I know of a few guys that went cheap or inexperienced and are trying to give away their mounts now. Ontario doesn't have a spring season, if that is important. Also ask your taxidermist about C.I.T.I.E.S. permits and bear transportation. There is a lot to know that will take some headaches out of the equation. Just an FYI.

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    Thanks everyone, I will for sure check into all these.

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