The Wisconsin Rut


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    The Wisconsin Rut

    On the average when does the Rut normally start in Wisconsin? I know it depends on how the year has gone Weather wise. I was there the first week in Nov last year and it was not even close. Thanks!

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    I agree

    We were a week off from that first week in November last year but ive been keeping records of the rut in adams county wisconsin (friendship 30 miles north of the dells) for the past 9 years and a majority of the HOT activity has been from November 3rd through the 9th. Every 3 to 4 years in my experiences the rut has pushed a week late so we should be back on schedule this year. I know i am not a scientist or anything but you and i both know weather, moon phase and phototropic cycles play into things but I would say the first week would be a good bet if your middle of the state. Good luck and shoot straight


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    Always found the first week to be good. Even last year. I know of 2 nice bucks killed around holloween and many other sightings.

    Of course this may be considered prerut yet as the bucks are aggressive yet not locked down. Just the way I like it.

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    My experience in the northwoods has been that the most buck movement happens between 4 Nov and 15 Nov.

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    Last year it was a little later than normal. Between our sightings and trail camera activity, the rut last year peaked around Nov 11-14. Most years it is right around the first week of November. I usually try to concentrate on the week right after the new moon. This year that will put it right around Halloweeen. New moon is Oct. 28 this year. For reference, last years new moon fell on Nov 9 and the rut heated up from the 11-14. I keep a pretty detailed log on sightings and they all seem to heat up around this time. I have absolutely no clue if there is a connection to the moon but its what i've observed. Best advice is to be out there every free minute. Good luck.

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    We had pretty good rut activity starting 2 days before the full moon in October which was around the 25th if I remember right. They were chasing does and running little bucks off. It went on hot and heavy for the next 2 weeks. If you didn't see much activity in early Nov. it could have been a case of wrong place, wrong time.

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    I saw most of my bucks the first week in November last year.
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    We were a little later last year here in Door County also. I would say the
    second week of November was hotter than the first. But typically it is
    the first week of November here. Good Luck

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    WI Rut

    Having seriously hunted central WI for the past 10 years and keeping records, then reading Charles Alsheimers book "Hunting Whitetails by the Moon" I seriously think he's on the right track for predicting the rut.
    The nice thing about his book is that he has a page where he predicts the variuous stages of the rut all the way through 2025. I didn't take the book too seriously at first because there was one year about 4 years ago when the rut seem REALLY early, then I looked at his chart and sure enough, he had predicted the "chase" period to be unusually early that year.
    Just my thoughts....

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    I will be in Buffalo county from oct 27-nov 7. Hope to see some rut activity during those dates?

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    in gods country.....wisconsin
    last year it was the second week of Nov. here. they were completely going nuts wen i was out.


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    Seems like the last few years with a little warmer temps we have been seeing alot more activity in the second and third weeks of November which normally would include the week of gun hunting. If I had to pick between the weeks I would say the second week of November. Usually right after the full moon during the first weeks of November. JMO

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    wi Rut

    If I recall, the rut is late this year--more around the gun season (crap!).
    I could check, but I loaned that book to an out of town buddy.

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    the rut will very from year to year,we have had the rut during gun deer season sometimes,but usually the second or third week of nov.last year it was a week before gun season,two years ago the bucks where still rutting hard on the last week of november,it all depends where the moon phase lands ,the weather and hunting pressure.

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    I hunt in LaCrosse County and I had a buck responding to a doe bleat the last weekend in October, plus I saw a buck runnin a doe hard that same weekend. Yes she didn't want anything to do with him yet, but he only had one thing on his mind. After that, it was slow for me! I know a lot of people who saw a lot of chasing going on during the gun season, but I also know people who didn't see a thing during gun season.

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