Hip Quiver, What side do you wear it on?


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    Hip Quiver, What side do you wear it on?

    Maybe a stupid question but I just bought a hip quiver with 4 arrow tubes and all the nifty pockets for releases, pensils and scorecards, etc, etc...
    I shoot left handed and the quiver says it is left handed so what is the correct side to wear it on.
    It is not in the way either side and one way the arrows are easy to get but the pockets are difficult to use and the other side the arrows are tough to get out but the release pocket is easy access.
    What side for a lefty is correct???

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    you want to pull your arrows with your left hand so you can load them quickly and be ready to shoot with minimal movement.That way you don't have to switch the bow to the left, pull with the right, switch back, load arrow, etc.

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    Left side for you.

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    Left side for lefties like us and the right side for everyone else LOL
    Have a good day and a better hunt

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