LH Hoyt Reflex bighorn intruder


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Thread: LH Hoyt Reflex bighorn intruder

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    LH Hoyt Reflex bighorn intruder

    The pictures are attached.... I want $200 for the bare bow with stabalizer and wrist strap, or I'll make you a heck of a deal for the bow with The true glow 3 pin fiber optic site with 3 foot of coil, really gathers the light and the Whisker Biscuit Rest in brand new condition. This bow is dead nuts on. I use the top pin for 10-20, yards, middle pin for 30, bottom for 40 yards.
    If you buy It I would highly recomend Gold Tip XT Hunter 5575 arrows, cut to 29 1/2 "

    The specs on the bow, It is a 2004 Hoyt Reflex Bighorn Intruder

    Weight 50 - 70, set at 70 right now
    Draw Length, 28 1/2 to 32, Set at 29 with a D loop that adds about 1/2 inch

    It is rigged up with self adjust peep site, kisser button, string silencers and limb dampeners.

    Let me know if you are interested, I can take payal, or check.... but will hold check for it to clear.
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    LH Hoyt ?Reflex Bighorn Intruder

    more pic.
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    LH Hoyt Reflex Bighorn Intruder

    Also comes with original rest.

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    LH Hoyt Bighorn Reflex Intruder

    Please email me at cabokid4ever@yahoo.com if you have any questions about the bow. or for negotiating the price of the bow

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    LH Hoyt

    Its a great bow i just want something a little bit newer because i am going a a big hunt to Sabinal, TX the deer season.

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    LH Hoyt


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    LH hoyt reflex

    any one????????????? name a price and i'll probably sell it to you.

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    $150 to my door for bare bow?

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    200.00 for the whole setup tmd

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