Brining Deer Meat


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    Brining Deer Meat

    The aging thread got me wondering who else brines their deer?

    I just got turned onto it by a guy this year. I have to say I am AMAZED at how the meat turned out. Tender, flavorful, fantastic.

    TO BRINE:::

    Bone the deer out and place the meat in either a cooler or 5 gallon buckets.

    Put a hose in the bottom of the bucket, and turn it on, let the water run for a couple minutes, filling from the bottom, until the water runs mostly clear. It gets ALOT of the blood out.

    Dump out some of the water, leave just enough to keep the meat covered, and put some salt, and apple cider vinegar in the mix. Then, place in either a fridge/cooler, and if the meat is IN a cooler, put some ice in the water.

    Change the water once a day, and let i sit in this mixture for 2 or 3 days, then remove from water, and let dry in fridge for a few hours.

    Anyone do anything like this? How do you do it?

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    sourbratten is a method of brining and an excellent time tested way to prepare venison.

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    Used to do something similar. We (my Dad and me) had an UN-USED plastic garbage can, that we would put a hose in to the bottom, and start filling it as we processed a deer. after it was full, we would start running water as you did, and when it ran clear, we would drain all the water out, and put the meat on a table, put some rock salt in the bottom of the can, and start filling with deer and water, about half way thru we would add more salt and continue adding deer,and when there was no more deer, we would add more salt. I should say that before we started adding the salt, water, and deer, we moved the can into the cellar, where it stayed cool, but we still added a frozen milk jug full of water(not milk) each day when we checked and stirred the mixture for about a week. The meat definetly had a good taste, perhaps better, but just as good as the deer I get back from the processors now. I still generally thaw my deer out in a mixture of salt water and vineger.

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