High Country Royal Hunter


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    High Country Royal Hunter

    Hi, I am looking for information on a High Country Royal Hunter:

    String Length
    Cable Length

    Thanks for your help.

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    High Country Royal Hunter

    Is High Country still in business? try them or your local pro shop should be will to help you figue it out

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    Royal Hunter...String 58 1/8" Harness 41 7/8"
    This came from a 1993 HCA spec chart, so I think it should be acurate.
    No specs hown for A to A or Brace.
    PEARSON "TX-4" 29" 60# 305gr @ 308 fps / 360gr @ 287fps
    MATHEWS "Drenalin" 29" 60# 305gr @ 303 fps / 360gr @ 285fps
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