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Thread: Bear F340

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    Bear F340

    A friend of mine picked up a Bear F340 at cabelas the other day . laminate stock, scope , etc . He tells me it has quad limbs . Have not seen one of these crossbows before . Tried doing a search on the net but could no real info on them . Are they discontinued ? Is Bear not offering crossbows anymore ? Thanks for any info you might have.

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    Dunno if they still carry crossbows or not.

    There was a recall on that bow. Not sure if his was affected or not.


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    Not sure how it comes with "laminate stock". All the ones we had in our store were hollow plastic.

    The F-series were, frankly, pretty crappy bows. Apparently a cheap made-in-China copy of the Excalibur Paradox.

    I could go on about them, but the trigger recall issue is all you need to know - the thing is unsafe and shouldn't be used. Bear discontinued it after one year.

    The manual said not to use arows under 400 grains, but the arrows they supplied with the bow were 365 grains. And not even proper diameter crossbow arrows - these were regular Carbon Express standard carbons (Terminator) cut down to 20".

    Call Escalade sports and speak to someone there about the bow and get the straight answer - maybe the Cabelas stock had their triggers redone, maybe not.

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    only cabelas carried the laminated wood version

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    From what my buddy tells me , there was an issue with the trigger / safety . That the bows had been factory refurbished . I do not know much about them . Was wondering if they were a quality unit and still in production.

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    The year they had the recall was the last year they made them. Bear got out of the crossbow biz after that. Making a crossbow s VERY different than making a compound bow.

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