Cable guide rod change out


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    Cable guide rod change out

    I have a HCA dynasty single cam bow which has a straight cable guide rod located below the hand grip. This guide rod appears to be held in with a set screw. I want to replace this rod with an offset rod so that I can adjust the distance between the fletching and the cables and I would like to place the offset so that the guide rod is moved toward the upper limb of the bow. Is it possible to do this and does anyone know where I can get the rod, guide and adapter to make this change.

    The bow shoots great and now has a cable to fletching clearance of about 3/8". The main reason that I want to make this change is to reduce the angle between the single cam and the cables because the cam slowly wears away the serving on the cable and I have to reserve it about every 3000 shots.

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    A slightly smaller cable and/or serving material might help with your cable wear. I also recommend waxing the cable serving on a regular basis. This will minimize friction between it and the cam track.

    As far as replacing the cable rod goes...Toxonics makes a universal cable guard that goes under your sight/mount. They are a bit pricey (about $42+ shipping) but it sounds like it would fit your needs...I know Lancaster Archery carries them. Item number is TOX-T400.


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    Thanks for the information. I am using 2d serving and I am waxing the serving about every 50 shots or so. This is helping. Thanks for the info on the tox guide rod. I may take a look and see if this guide rod can be used on my bow.

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