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    Thanks for the sticky on this !!I WILL need this this year.

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    Excellent write up and pics! That is exactly what I've been needing, as this year I will be doing this solo after I just moved from 'Bama to Ohio and lost all my hunting buddies and butchering partners!

    Thanks again!

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    Great thread!!! You made butchering look easy. Thanks a lot.

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    Great post. I do all of my own deer and have been trying to convince my buddy that he can do his also once he sees how it's done. With this, he'll be able to refer to something when/if he's solo trying to do it.


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    Great thread RC, this is pretty much the way I butcher my deer and I also learned from my father in the same way and plan on teaching my son the same thing, great way to pass on an awesome heritage!! One thing I like to do differently is that I like to soak the meat in a cooler w/ ice, cider vinegar, & maybe a little water & salt. I let sit over night, drain, wash down w/ a garden hose, & repeat. I find this makes the meat oh so tender & removes any blood & junk that would remain. After I do that I trim any remaining "stuff" and freeze. One thing I also like to do w/ small deer is to leave the hind quarter intact w/ the bone still in and roast that way w/ taters, onions, pepers & the like, the bone & marrow give the roast a great flavor! I also save the liver for my Grandpa, but I agree w/ you on keeping out of the gut pile. Anyways, thanks for the post, it is nice to know the exact names of the cuts & I will use it this winter!!
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks Rancid Crabtree... for all the hard work, and for the great pictorial instructions. The best effort at explaining this subject that I have ever seen... I've been doing gutless boning on elk for years and I learned several new tricks reading your instructions. Thanks again!

    You get a serious "ata-boy"...

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    I have learned alot and will be visiting this thread alot until I have a solid feel for it.
    Thanks again.

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    Thank you very much sir
    MATTHEW 4:4


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    Great thread! Thanks a lot! We've been butchering our own for 3 years now and I still learned a few things that will make it easier!

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    Thank-you for an awesome thread...I pretty much do it the same way...but I have a question. Do you have any experience with a bandsaw? I have thought that they may save time. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    ttt great thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by solohunter View Post
    Thank-you for an awesome thread...I pretty much do it the same way...but I have a question. Do you have any experience with a bandsaw? I have thought that they may save time. Any thoughts? Thanks.
    I have never needed a band saw for deer. I just debone them.

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    this is an amazing thread!

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    great post! One question-

    You did not address how to rid your freshly skinned deer of hair that sticks to the carcass while skinning?

    Looks like your boy boy did a bang up job skinning, but I'm SURE there was hair that stuck to the carcass !!!

    How do you remove it?

    Phil (ex) Cheesehead now living in Wa. state.

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    Great thread, I've never really had a problem with hair on the carcass Vern96. I just make sure that I keep the hair side out which is pretty easy if you have them hanging up. If there is some hair I just hit it with the hose real quick and it comes right off....'94
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    the quickest way to get hair off is to take a hand held butane tourch and singe the hair off then go over it with a damp cloth..fast and easy and gets it all

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    Well done

    Great post dude. Glad to see you are so involved with your son, He will grow to be a great person because of it. Nice job on breaking your deer down, glad to see your efficiancy and lack of waste. Great post I'm sure alot of people will learn from it , including myself. Good hunting. Jesse

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    Thats almost the exact way I was taught some time ago;but your Info on the Different Cuts and Processing was something I really didn`t know exactly; so, Thanks for the Enlightment! A Very Knowledgable Thread Well Worthy of being a "Sticky" if you ask me.... J.R.

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    We butcher our own. I helped for the first time this year. After reading this I will be able to do it much better this year. Thanks
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    Thumbs up

    That was awsome..I am sure to use this..=]

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    Nice post but I just started laughing at this pic.

    Looks like this deer had a few to many .


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    Great Post!

    Thanks for the great post RC. I am interested in how to debone deer and elk as i have a backcountry hunt coming up this fall that it will be necessary to break down and debone the animal to pack it out in backpacks (I think for elk i will hire a packer). I am wondering how much of this is possible in the backcountry where i do not have multiple knives, way to keep meat very clean, plastic wrap, butcher paper, etc. It definitely helps to see the proper way to take the meat and different cuts off the animal so i dont just end up with 100 lbs (mule deer) or 400lbs (elk) stew and jerky meat.

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    Smile Great Post

    Thanks RC, this is a classic!

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    I would have to say this is probably the BEST thread I have read on here yet!

    Can't wait til my son is old enough to do this!

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