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    By far the best post i've seen on the net when it comes to butchering. Props to you and your son great job and great post !!!!!!! 5 stars and a

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    now all we need is a how to gut/field dress a deer and we will have the complete process

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    Nice thread


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    I had thought I was a pretty decent bucher, but after looking at your post, pics, and descriptions, I am sure to save this post. Thanks for your time and making this post for others to use RC. Great job!

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    I'm glad everybody is finding some use in this thread. It was a plasure to bring it to you.

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    Great thread!
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    glad to see you back

    Quote Originally Posted by Rancid Crabtree View Post
    I'm glad everybody is finding some use in this thread. It was a plasure to bring it to you.
    Where ya been?
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    This should be a sticky.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jimposten View Post
    This should be a sticky.

    Nevermind... it is.


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    I not only saved this thread, I printed it all out and laminated the pages to bring with me on out of state hunts! My deer meat has to age in a cooler on the (up to several days) drive home from the hunt.

    Now I have my hunting checklist, my recipe for scent killer, this excellent butchering thread and I'm starting to assemble good venison recipes all laminated in one book to help me organize and bring with me on the hunt.
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    RC, I see one potential glaring problem with the post. Many of us on here know that you are a knife making master (those that don't know should do a search and look at his creations).....I may be wrong but it looks like that might be a store bought knife doing the cutting! Dude, where is one of those beautiful customs. Just kidding of course, great post. I do much the same but Must admit I don't get the carcass as clean as you do...coyotes and bobcats would starve at your bone pile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimposten View Post
    This should be a sticky.

    Quote Originally Posted by jimposten View Post
    Nevermind... it is.

    Well, yes and no. It's a sticky buried down in the "Wild Game Cooking" subforum.

    Mods, what about placing a sticky up in the main Bowhunter showcase?

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    could we get the pictures back on this?

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    ya that would be awesome if you could get the pics back up

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    MODs....LOOK HERE!!!

    Yup, we need the pics back. Why are they gone in the first place? Are they only posted for a certain amount of time?

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    I did not remove them. Photobucket has a free service and that is what I have been using. Due to the overwhelminly high viewership of my posts, I have exceeded the bandwidth for a free account. In order for the images to show up again, I have to pay $25 a year. I'm not a fan of paying out of pockett so that others can view my images but I just forked over the $25 because so many people are sending me messages complaining that my pictures are gone.

    It's a blessing and a curse. The pictures are back for one year.

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    Great job RC!

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    great tutorial

    Thanks for your time and effort in putting that post together. My son is fired up to go to Illinois in November and shoot his first deer with his bow.....little does he know about when the real work begins!!!
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    I am printing it off right now.

    Very nicely done! Great, clear pics. Clean, concise photos and explanations. The best I've seen.

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    Thumbs up now that's education

    I shot my first deer last Wednesday, and butchered it myself. Man, do I wish I had seen this first! It would have saved me a lot of time. I'll be sure to refer to it next time. Thanks for posting it!

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    good pictorial. i did my first deer all by myself this year. usually i have a group helping me but my uncle said im going to learn the hard way and do it by myself.

    cant believe how easy it was. i actually enjoyed it. peaceful.
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    Great job RCI have a tip fpr you,Take one of the hindquarters with the bone in to a butcher that makes hams and have it smoked into a ham!If the butcher vacuum packs the meat have him cut the hindquarter in half before he packages it.One whole 1/4 takes a while to eat so splitting it makes it go a long way.You may already know this but alot of hunters do not.These hams are great

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    fantastic thread. Thank you for putting the pics back up!!

    I'm going to print it incase the pics go bye bye!!

    BTW, I thought I knew how to do a pretty good job butchering my deer. But you sir, take it to another level. Proves, I'm never too old to learn.

    Thank you!

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    Great Job!!!!!

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    Butchered another last night thanks to help of this AWESOME thread

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