does mathews make 80lb limbs for the DXT?


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    does mathews make 80lb limbs for the DXT?

    I have dxt that has 70 lb limbs and its really easy to pull back ( not trying to sound like a stud) but I was wondering if I could get 80 lb limbs and gain more FPS and KE ...I called my local archery shop and they said It didnt show that they could, but this is also the place that told me I couldnt get a t5 arrow web quiver in black and I went back there and showed them i could
    '10 Elite Z28 ninja Hidden Content 70# 28 CBE sniper pro XL, G5 expert pro, stokerized
    1973 Bear Kodiak MagHidden Content 28" 45# recurve ( my grandfathers old bow)
    Samik SageHidden Content 28" 50#
    Rage Hypodermics! (What else?)

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    Doesn't appear so.

    Only one I'm aware of with 80's was the Safari

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    UR strong. My little arms have a hard time with my DXT on 70

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    OMG!! why would you want 80 lbs. I want a car that'll go 200 miles an hour, but that doen't mean i'd ever drive it that fast. What i mean is, i'am as stout as a bull myself but i shoot my Apex 7 set-up at 59 lbs and shooting 288 fps for tournaments. My Drenalin is for hunting and i've got it set-up at 63 lbs. and its shooting 300 fps. and the DXT has a faster IBO rating than my Drenalin. So to each his own, but IMO 80 pound limbs, even if they did have them, would definately be over kill. Just my .02 cents

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