Archery shops in Southern Maryland


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    Archery shops in Southern Maryland

    I just moved to Southern Maryland and I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with "Treestand Archery" in Hollywood, Maryland. I read through some threads on here and saw some bad reviews of archery shops in SoMD but the names were never given of the bad shops.

    The next closest one is "Bay Pro Shop" in Dunkirk, MD. Any thoughts?

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    I've been to the Treestand once. The lady there seemed very nice and helpful. I think her name is Kim. I've seen a couple of reviews and they had nothing but good things to say about this place. I will go here next time I have problems.

    I have been to Fred's also I don't like this place and I will never go back. I find that the customer service is horrible a guy saw me there and instead of getting off the phone from talking to his buddy and helping me he spent like 5 more mins on the phone talking to him and then decided I might as well help this guy. Bay Pro shops I have been there once. The guy was very busy and did help me but didn't really seem to care about the problems I was having. I can't make a fair judgement on this though.

    These were just my experiences and I hope they help.

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    Well straight on target is a great place to do business and Roy will and does charge less than everyone else. Macrotech well they got a nice rep of being completly rude. Bought my dren from roy before moving to colorado

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