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    Trails End #307

    Has anyone Used Trails End #307 and had good luck with it.. in the past I have always Used Tinks 69... But I got a Bottle of 307 and felt I would give it a try this year.. As I want to stick with one type so I can get it in 4 oz bottles instead of just 1 oz bottles...

    If you used Tinks 69 or Trails End and so on, which do you like for Mock Scrapes?

    As I have a zone I am hunting with small sappling from last season scraped all in a small area and plan to refresh that zone as it's 40 yards from my stand, yet just Out of I can try and keep there attention within' the area atless...

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    Good thread. I was just thinking about trails end.


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    The 307 has licorice or anese oil in it. Smells strange, but I drug it to my area and killed this one. It was the ONLY scent the local Wally World had left. It is suppose to have all kinds of scents in it. Plus estrus.

    World’s Best Buck Lure™ Since 1983

    TRAIL’S END® #307® deer scent from Wildlife Research Center® is a complex blend of natural ingredients developed through years of extensive testing in the field, on wild whitetail deer. It is truly an outstanding buck scent, packed with natural deer calling ingredients, some of which are not well known, but are highly effective. This powerful deer attractant really brings in bucks all season, but especially during the rut
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    Nice, I had a friend that Gave me this trails end bottle along with a Lure Dropper... Yet I want to Pick up atless 3 more I hate to be skimpy...As I may add a few drops at 10 or so locations to Keep them wondering..

    I watched a Video a few nights ago that I bought some years back...

    In this Video the Guy made a mock Scrap.... used a fresh branch and scraped away leaves, Branches and such Right Under a Small Licking tree branch.... and he took the stick and made a 2 -3 inch deep hole in the center and used a Leaf as a small Cup.. and placed the leaf in that Hole so it was a cup shaped and added lure into that cup..So it would stay there and fresh scented longer then.. if placed on just soil it would of drain right into the soil and as time went on, not been as fresh smelling...

    This Gel Musky Buck I Use is Just a bit thicker then Puddling....yet I also place a branch on a tree into it and spin the gel Bottle and allow the Gel to stick to the branch as It stays above ground maybe 3 feet...

    This same Company Has Doe in Heat GEL that I Bought ..these come in a wide mouth 4 oz plastic jar ...So not a small mouth 1 oz jar to Drip all over your fingers ,that you may sit in the stand and later scratch the nose,rub your eyes with or grab that PB Sandwich the wife was so Wonderful to make ya the Night before for Lunch To keep you in the stand longer so her and her friends can Shop with our Credit cards...

    I Can search for info If anyone wants to try this same Gel Form Lure, they also have Liquid Form I beleave...

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    I love it. I use it all season. I hunt in an earn a buck area. It brings does in early and bucks in during the rut in combo w/ special golden estrus.

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    Trails end

    Last year was the first time I had used it and I was very impressed.

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    The first time I used it I killed my first deer during the rut. That was in 2004. I haven't had any luck with it since, but honestly I haven't really worked that consistently with it, so it may work much better if I try harder.
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