Archery Research Bows


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    Question Archery Research Bows

    Do they still make bows? Is Archery Research still in business? Are their bows any good?

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    i think so

    for all i know they are still around, i shot the (i think its called) ram 34, smooth draw,reasonably fast, really nice looing riser and cams
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    They certainly still exist. I believe PSE owns them though.
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    Archery research bows!!!!!

    Im a fairly respected archer of about twenty years. Personally i love archery research bows. I picked up my first one when they came out in 2001, and thats all i have shot ever since. I have personally heard that they are coming back in 2009 but i dont know for a fact!!!
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    AR Bows

    My buddy is one of the National Sales Managers and I was informed they are history. It was a great bow line but not enough followers.

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