Hoyt Supreme ????????'s


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    Hoyt Supreme ????????'s

    Hi A friend of mine purchased a hoyt supreme at a rummage sale decided he was going to start bow hunting end result bow is about an inch short on draw length the cams have a #3 on them and mods have a D I have no knowledge of hoyt bows can any one tell what the draw length would be and can it be made longer and if so does anyone have the mods to do it Thanks for any help you can offer

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    Just in case nobody here can help you, here is Hoyt's customer service #
    801-363-2990. I will be surprised if you don't get your answere here though. You might also post the question up in the general section.

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    Hoty Mods

    Yes it can go longer by 2 inches. I know I have a set of E that will make it 1 inch longer. PM me with you address and I will be happy to send them to you.

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    I am sure it has master cams on it. They are they only ones with mods. You might be able to find some here on AT. If you change to any other "wheel" you will have poundage loss. Throw up a pic if you can so I can be sure what you have. It is probably a 95-96 defiant Supreme w/master cams. A good bow. I will try to help you find some.

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    Thanks to Paul (montanaarchery) got a set coming What a great site and alot of great people Thanks to all

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