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    Better boots?

    So as I've adjusted my hunting style a bit, i need to adjust my equiptment accordingly. curirently i have some wolverien boots, there fine plenty comfy and all that but there big black and have steel toes (had to have it for a job i had last year) and i also have my danners but they have 400gr thinsulate (over kill for 99.9% of ca season) good for snow and stuff though or the freek chance it rains during season. any way as im covering more ground lately and trying alot harder to cover that ground more stealthly i need a lighter un insulated boot thats comfey, hopefully not to expensive (though i will spend the money needed as im not gunna get to far with out em) and have a softer sole so as tyo make less of that size 12 comen after yah sound.

    so what do you guys like?

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    Danner TFX Hunter lite 6in. About $125
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    May sound dumb, but if you really want to stalk, and don't care about getting your feet wet and stuff, a pair of converse all stars might work. Very light, very easy to feel the ground under your feet (basically like moccasins I guess), and very cheap. Of course, there's absolutely no foot support, but I've heard of some that have tried it.
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    Cabelas Pinnacle boots have done me well so far. I bought them this past winter but havent really given them a big run around till this weekend. I wore them with heavy socks in January in PA small game hunting, and as long as I was moving, my feet were warm. They stayed dry going through slushy swampland too.

    This past weekend I have been scouting and setting stands in 95+ degree heat, light socks and my feet felt like they were in running shoes. They never really got over heated, had pretty decent grip going up muddy slopes, light enough to keep going over the miles, and kept my feet dry through the wet grass and weeds.

    I have a super-wide foot (4E) so I got the wides. At first, they were a little tight (boots are 2E I think), but after some break in time, they are really comfortable.

    Overall, so far, I am very pleased with these boots.
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    that reminds me i have reall skinny feet so if any of you guys have skinny feet your input would be appreciated too.

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