Diamond Black Ice Tuning


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    Diamond Black Ice Tuning

    Loosing my mind guys.

    I have been over everything about 10 times.Everything is in spec ie String , Cable , ATA , Brace.The cam is in time with two dots showing on the inside of the limb ( Thats what Diamond says it should be 9/15/08 )

    I have tried twisting the yoke cables in and out both sides.

    28" DL
    400 Goldtip at 26" ( Both bare shaft and fletched )
    45-60 Carbon express 26" ( Both bare shaft and fletched )

    Dropzone rest ( Already tested for contact )

    No matter what I get a left tear at 8:00 at 6 feet 10 feet and 12 feet

    The bow is new...I am almost ready to burn it in the fire.

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    OK OK

    mrbruce38 = *******

    I read the post about grip...DUH !!!!

    So I went over the bow again strings cables cam lean etc etc etc.

    Went and shot it through the paper rack really focusing on my grip...bam high tear...one adjustment..bam bullet hole..bam another..5 more after that.

    I REALLY feel like a complete moron or drunk or both.

    They say the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem...I am Bruce and I have a problem in my grip

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    I have been shooting mine on weekends for a month now. It was setup at a pro shop (50# 29" draw). These things are seriously accurate bows once you get them tuned.

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    I have no problems with mine

    Try the paper further out ??- how does it shoot at 20yds- is it accurate and consistent- ?? how have you shot with other bows- To me paper Tuning only goes so far- being to close to the paper does no good- have you ever seen a arrow in slow motion after the release- the arrow flexes alot- and depending on length of arrow- stiffness of the spine- velocity etc. I would concentrate on the actual shot- and how consistent the groupings- if you shoot well then the paper part does not really matter-- Good Luck and Good Shooting

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