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Thread: I Grizztricked a Doe tonight!

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    I Grizztricked a Doe tonight!

    Opening day in Iowa.
    Got in the stand at 4:30 tonight, beautiful day.
    Around 6:30 I here some footsteps it's 5 or 6 does come running behind me.
    Shot the biggest from what I could tell, Around 23 yds It was awesome I got the old mule kick.
    Got out of my stand 30 min later .
    Man what a blood trail, best one Iv'e ever had.
    She went about 80 or 90 yds.
    Only negative is I went to take pictures and my camera took a crap.
    So sorry no pics. First time I have taken a deer on opening day.
    To make things better my buddy I was hunting with shot a doe also.
    First time we hunted this new farm.

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    congrats. i saw a doe tonight, just didn't give me a shot. i was starting to drool thinking about backstraps.....

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    Congrats on the doe
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    nice job on the deer but... as alawlys....

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    So you where very pleased with the grizztricks?

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