Minimum draw weight for bear


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    Question Minimum draw weight for bear

    I am looking to go black bear hunting in the next year and I was wondering if I could use my same setup I have for whitetail? So, I was wondering...what minimum draw weight do y'all recommend for bears, black and brown, respectively. Also, what arrow weight would you recommend? I am new to bear hunting so any experience would help me alot. Thanks.

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    what is your current whitetail setup?????

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    I found this - I would add to it that if you are at the low end of the range you might think about using a heavier arrow with a two blade broadhead. What is heavy? 10 grains per pound of draw weight, I guess.


    KE Hunting Usage
    < 25 ft./lbs. Small Game
    25-41 ft./lbs. Medium Game (deer, antelope, etc.)
    42-65 ft./lbs. Large Game (elk, black bear, wild boar, etc.)
    > 65 ft./lbs. Toughest Game (Cape Buffalo, Grizzly, etc.)

    This chart is for a fixed blade broadhead. It is recommended that you use at least 55 ft./lbs. for deer sized game with mechanical broadheads and 60 ft./lbs. for elk sized game. It is an absolute must that your broadheads are sharp. If you shoot the blades even once, replace them or resharpen them before shooting them at another animal. Good Luck and Good Shooting!

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    it depends more on

    there are places where the blacks are typically smaller.. like
    the midwest.. then you get the canadian and north eastern
    u. s. blacks that can get HUGE. ONE badly placed shot and
    the power of your setup matters not...with a typical deer setup ..on bear
    if you can stick the arrow in the right place and have it penetrate at least half or 3/4 of the arrow length.. that bears dead....maby not immediatly..but hes dead. so id have to say
    that if the bears are large (more than 250-300lbs) use a
    long lean razorsharp broadhead ..a stout arrow..and at least 60lbs.. minimum...

    see the giant brown bear taken with one of these on
    in the instructional section.. its a live broadcast.. pretty scary too

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    Hey battlecreek,

    Shot placement is the most critical factor here, but I would recommend at least 55 lbs. I only have a 26" draw and have generally shot my setup at 55 lbs with expandable broadheads and have not had any problems getting a clean pass through on black bear.

    In addition as beprepn stated make sure your setup is producing enough KE as it is recommended to be shooting 42-65 ft./lbs for big game.

    If you have not booked your bear hunt yet have a look at my camp at:

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    50 lbs would be fine if you use good judgement on shot placement. I would use a good medium weight arrow with a good cut on impact head like a steelforce and you will be more than ready for any bear you might shoot over bait!

    Good luck & keep us posted on your results.

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