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Thread: Average cost per acre of hunting land

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    Average cost per acre of hunting land

    Hey guys, hoping for some input...looking to become a first time buyer of some hunting land. I come from WI and always thought of getting land there but, I'm curious about land in other states too. I'd like land primarily suited for deer...

    I would say in WI average cost per acre is about 2 to 3 grand. Up to 4 grand per acre for good hunting land close to major cities.

    I'm especially curious about washington.


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    Some areas are 2-3 grand an acre in WI. Buffalo county you never see anything less than 4. Near bigger cities you cant get it much less than 5-6 an acre. Where I hunt its going at 6-7 an acre or more....its ridiculous.

    There are a bunch of websites out there that you can find land in WI and other states to figure out the general price on some good properties.

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    In PA

    it ranges from 1K to 6K depending on location and size. Five years ago I turned down an offer of 1200 per acre as the farmer had portions of it select timbered and clear-cut. That same 120 acre parcel is back on then market at 3500 per acre.

    One realtor told me that the best time to buy is always when your looking because it SELDOM EVER drops significantly enough to make you feel like you should have waited, but it FREQUENTLY rises so much you wish you would have.......

    Should’ve taken his advice, I thought it was a sales ploy

    Maybe there are still a few honest people out there
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    I just bought 11 acres that borders the Jefferson National Forest for a hair less than $3000 an acre.. Its pretty secluded too. Probably 2.5 acres cleared for a cabin (or a mega food plot)
    I pretty sure I can double my $$$ if I listed it in NC.... or so I've been told.

    Usually land like this goes for $5000 to $8000 an acre here.

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    I inherited 580 acres in west Texas.

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    In the north east particulary in Ct 30 thousand per to start. Many prime spots that are 100 acres or more are on the market for 1million or more.
    All this because we get the tree huggers from New York City on one side of the state, then the ones from Boston on the other. Around the cities some 1/2 acre building lots sell for 50k.

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    that sucks. When I was in high school in the 90's, land was 1-2 grand per acre of good hunting land. Now that I finally graduated and am making some money, at 3-5 grand an acre, I still can't afford it. What about out there any cheap land out there, good for hunting?

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    Buy Now

    This might be a good buyers market. Picture a newly retired big landowner who may be land rich and cash poor due to the market. Also, this may sound silly but buy even if you don't think you can afford it. It's a great investment that will only become more valuable. I managed to get just under 200 acres of fully timbered land in SW PA for $125,000 in 2004, and still don't know how I pulled it off. It's worth triple that now, and when I did it, I couldn't "really" afford it. My point is, don't look back ten years from now and say, "I wish..." You only live once.
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    5 - 7,000 around here. Way too much!!!

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    buddy of mine bought some from a guy who just wanted to move it after his divorce. paid 2k an acre for 67 acres. it was bowhunted once last year and they took a 170" off of there. bigger boys are roaming this year, guess you gotta find the deals
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    My wife and I are looking at a 80 that looks to be most low ground and they want 2 k for that and right next to it is a 40 that is all swamp and they want 1900/per for that. I'm really surprised that that land prices haven't come down at all with the way the economy is.
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    Come to Oklahoma. We have just about 3,000,000 people in the whole state and you can buy some really nice hunting land for $1000 per acre or a little less. We are growing some pretty big bucks lately also. Turkeys and hogs are a bonus too.

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    just $1.00 .......nedd info? p.m. me!
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    I got 336 acres for sale here in SE MO for 420,000

    All woods with one pond that is about 5 acres big

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    In my areas...........probably about $2,000 an acre.


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