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Thread: I need to catch a thief!

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    I need to catch a thief!

    Guys, I am looking for a good camera that I can setup to take pictures and not be noticed. My first thought was to get an IR and I would be set but, I started reading some reviews on some of these cameras and it says that the IR sensor or whatever you call it, lights up bright red?

    Is there a camera that does not do this? We would like to purchase one that is not too expensive but, in actuality cost is not an issue since I am purchasing it for my job. We are trying to catch a criminal/criminals and we thought this would be much cheaper than a surveillance system plus it would be mobile.


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    I know the Predator Evolution (2007 model) had "true" IR. Nothing lit up on it and it didn't make any sound. However, the pics at night were not very good. It did cost about $450. I think they make 2 newer models in 2008. Can't remember who, but one fella that floats around this forum is a dealer, he could tell you more about them.

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    "thirdypointer" is the guy I was thinking about, that is on here pretty often. I believe he sells Predator trailcams.

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    Yes, the Predators don't light up like car brake lights, and are very hard to find in the dark. i think you'll find they are the cheapest of the no glow IR cameras available and also record in video. They offer a adjustable bracket to allow you to put the camera up high out of reach, and angle them downwards so they can't reach it, and still use a python cable to lock the camera to a tree/ pole.
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