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    knife sharpner

    I need a idiot proof knife sharpner.I have several different
    ones,but none of them seem to work very well.I know
    there has to be something out there that I can use.
    Please HELP!

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    KME diamond knife sharpener!!!!!
    This thing is the best! i own lanskies (very good) and the (gamo?) ok.

    The kme is the best one so far.....check out there web site. I sharpened my sister inlaws knives this weekend just cuzz i knew i would have some time to kill over there. Start to finish under 3 min per knife.

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    Try This..

    Well, here is an easy trick that works for me ..Get them as sharp as you can with what you got...Then get a piece of paper like printer paper or envelope lay it down on a table .Take you knife put the edge of the blade on it at about a 40% degree angle and work it in puts a really fine edge on it and you will see as it will start shaving the paper ..

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    Spyderco Sharpmaker, Lansky, KME systems work great. The Spyderco sharpens great but you would not be able to profile a new edge. The broadhead jg from KME is very nice. Any questions shoot me a PM.
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    Thumbs up Knife sharpening

    Visit this web site Very simple, very easy, and very sharp!!!

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