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    Best thermal wears?

    I want to buy some new thermals but I want something that is relatively thin and snug but in a polar weight for cold weather stand sits. I've been looking at Under Armor, Wool Power, Scent Shield S3 Merino Wool, and Cabela's Thermastat. What do you all like and use?

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    I think I was wearing all of the above today and still froze. It was 10 deg out this morning. I will be interested in the responses you get. Body not that bad, but what can you do for the hands and still shoot your bow with a release............ I have found the Under Armour base layer .03 to work great

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    First Lite, premium stuff. Do a search, they are also a sponsor.
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    i prefer the patagonia capilene myself. i wear the heavy duty top and the medium weight pants as a base layer. then i layer up over that.

    i just bought the full set of justin charles merino wools. i am not so sure if they can do as well as the capilene heavy's.

    one thing i did learn was cotton is OUT !!!! that took me alot of years to figure out.

    the big problem with me and cold weather is not the thermal wear as much as its the thermal SOCKS. i cannot find the right combination of sock wear to use to keep my "dogs" temperate during teen degree weather for any length of time. i have decided to get off the synthetic socks and move to merino wools and multiple layers of them. the problem i get is the initial sweating then the cooling off. when my feel cool off the sweat,,,,its all over in about an hour or two. frozen toes.

    i dont care for any of those battery pack socks or warm packets. i just want a simple sock combination,,,and i cant find it.
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    This year i've been using a combo of under armour cold gear and cabelas polartec expedition weight. This has worked great. I wear just these two layers under my medalist silvermax insulated pants. My knees have gotten a bit cold but I've sat 6+ hours in relative comfort in 30 degree weather. I would add another layer if it got down around 20. I add a polartec fleece pullover to the combo on top and I've been very warm this year.
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    masssteve, have you tried a hand muff? i typically use one of these with no gloves or just a real light ones for the camo. the key is to not isolate your fingers.

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    in kansas

    in kansas we have his below 30 a couple of times and i have used under armor and regular low activity thermals 8 to 12 dollars with sweats and carbon light jacket and pants with scent lock winter socks and wool socks and when that wind gets going like it does in kansas after a few hrs i am still warm except feet but after that it get real cold of course in kansas it can be 30 degrees with wind chill factor of 10 degrees the price we pay for big kansas bucks i guess

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    The UA is really good stuff.

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    We already told you what to buy back at headquarters!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by liv2huntt View Post
    We already told you what to buy back at headquarters!!!
    Thanks for invaluable input.

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    When the temps get cold, I dress in layers and take a sleeping bag. Lay it out across your stand............step inside........pull it up to your chest and sit down. You can stay out all day, no problem. When you need to shoot, stand up, slide the bag to your knees and shoot. After being in the bag all day, that cold bow handle feels kinda good

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    I recently bought some ECWS polypropylene thermals and they seem to work well. This is the cheapest place I found them, ,plus they have BIG sizes.

    I wear a wool army sweater over everything, this site had them cheapest. It really takes the chill off.

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    Bass Pro has some Rocky brand microfleece thermal gear that is affordable and AWESOME! I think less than 15 bucks per piece is what I paid. And the material is very comfortable. Not itchy at all...

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    I am experimenting with layering...but nothing too expensive yet as in the UA products though I'd like to try them. Mid to upper 20's last night w/blowing snow. I had on rem tech top and bottoms from wal'mart. over that I had my olive x'sent top and bottoms. Final under layer on bottom was some wind pants to block wind. Top I added a fleece pullover then a wind block type pullover...very thin, loose and light. When I get to hunting area on go my jacket and insulated bibs and I'm good to go.

    Wool sock hat over ball cap or fleece balaclava if it gets really windy. My problem is my hands as I just wear 50 cent brown jersey gloves. Going to go the hand muff route I think...unless someone knows of some light weight warm gloves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3dspothunter View Post
    ...unless someone knows of some light weight warm gloves.
    I've found the flip back mittens are awesome for the cool. They are super warm and then when you are ready to use your hands just flip the mitten part back. The ones I have are half gloves inside. I like the exposed finger tips when shooting.
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    For gloves, I use the thinnest out there. Right now using the Scent-Lok savanna gloves which are paper thin. I like the thin gloves because I have a better feel of the bow and my anchor. To keep them warm, i use a muff-tube with hand warmers.

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    Depending on just how cold and windy it is, I use a combo of Cabela's MTP compression skins, Cabela's Polartec and Sitka Gear Traverse. I had all three on this morning when it was 15 degrees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davydtune View Post
    I've found the flip back mittens are awesome for the cool. They are super warm and then when you are ready to use your hands just flip the mitten part back. The ones I have are half gloves inside. I like the exposed finger tips when shooting.
    yep.....they work great. If you are shooting a release you will have to use a longer wrist strap around the cuff of the mitten but otherwise just flip the finger cover back and it velcros like a charm.

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