How long to age venison??


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    How long to age venison??

    How long can you, and is it safe to leave deer hang and age after shooting.
    The temp has been 20-33 degrees, and the hides are still on. The deer are inside out of the sunlight an an unheated garage with the windows open and the temp is never higher inside than 32 degrees. The deer were shot Sat. morning.


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    i usaully leave the deer hang tops 3 days. than i skin and quarter it up. after that i put it in a fridge for a few days or a week than return and cut it all up into steaks, spedies and burger. and it taste so good, nice and tender to.
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    if its cold we have left them hanging a week to ten days before cutting up some of them that were shot first weekend. that was before they changed the whole state to a 9 day season. we have never had a problem. our butcher who does our beef leaves them hanging a minimum 3 maybe 4 days before he cuts them up. he says that if the meat is bad it will get slimey at thats hanging in a walk in fridge. but being you are talking it being frozen you shouldnt have a problem at all.

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    This is the first year I am going to cut up my own deer and I am waiting for a friend who knows how to do it to return from hunting, he should be home in a day or 2. We have also left them hang 7 days before coming home and taking them in to be cut up, but I am pushing that window here by another day or so, and just wanted to be sure they are ok. I am by no means going to let the meat go bad and needed to be sure I shouldnt just take them in to be cut up anyway.

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    i let a doe hang last year that was skinned in 20 degree weather for 11 days before quartering . if u skin it then let it hang just be sure to cut off black rind that forms around meat

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