Newbie question Re: broadhead thread size


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    Newbie question Re: broadhead thread size

    Hello, I would like to know what size thread broadheads are? I never see any sizes listed in ads, so I assume there is a universal size? How about when I buy arrows (easton, beman) what size threads are the inserts? Thanks much, Robert

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    The inside diameter of all inserts is 8/32 and that is what all thread size's are on field tips ,broadheads,judo's and birdwire's. Where the difference is is on the outside diameter of the insert for it to fit in all the different size shafts on the market. That is why there are so many different size shafts and inserts to match, they have to fit tight when installed so there is no wobble hence forth you would have a hard time getting a broadhead to fly straight becouse of the crooked insert. However there are some case's where you still have to align your broadhead's /insert's to the shaft.
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    They are universal, at least in the USA and are 8/32. Inserts are the same size also.

    You will see variance in ferrule size though, due to the large popularity of carbon arrows. Many of the older broadheads (Muzzy, Thunderheads etc.) have a 22/64 ferrule, same size as a 2216 aluminum or similar. Many (but not all) newer heads have bases in the 19-20/64 diameter range. When used on say a 2216 aluminum the base will not be flush with the insert, but slightly smaller. I don't like that set-up as I believe it reduces penetration a bit. On the opposite end, a Muzzy 125 on a carbon will actually be oversize (slightly) the arrow and insert. I don't mind that at all and there is some evidence that penetration may increase as a result.

    All of those heads will fit on all those shafts though, you need not concern yourself with thread size.

    Good hunting, Tim

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