Who Killed A Big Buck In Suffolk County N.Y.(Long Island)


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    Who Killed A Big Buck In Suffolk County N.Y.(Long Island)

    Anyone have any pictures or storys to share

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    I have seen a lot of does, No bucks yet this year

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    Grew up on the north shore in Shoreham. We use to hunt all along the North Fork, as well as Montauk. We shot alot of nice bucks but the best one was in '96. I had already taken an 8-point in Montauk so I was tagging along with my buddy and rattling for him. Called in an 11-point that was in the 140's. The shot was 16 yards and the buck ran about 35 yards after the shot.

    At the time it was the biggest deer either one of us had ever shot and it was quite exciting. I moved away after that and have not hunted their in 11 years. I often think about all the absolute huge deer I saw on the island and never had a chance at. I think if I went back with the knowledge I have about deer hunting now I would be very successful. Back in the day it is amazing I had shots at anything with as little as I knew.

    I would post a picture but I have terrible luck doing it. I can e-mail it to you if you wish.

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    There is a thread on the NY forum on Bowsite, where a guy shot a nice 12 point this past weekend. Sounds like he was in a real honey hole.

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    While I have not shot any real big ones this year...I have pics of three real big ones shot on the Island. I will post the one here as I dont know the shooter but the other two are acquaintances of mine and I dont want to be the one "spreading their word" for them.

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    I lived Massapequa for a while but never hunted the Island much when I lived there. Mostly went upstate.

    This thread is making me home sick.

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    long island

    I took a 11pt that goes 137,,not the biggest but I am happy,there were some real hogs taken but buck numbers are way down,know of a 191 n,t-180's n,t 155 typ,,,and many 130 - 140 class bucks taken,its getting harder my friend,,long island is heavely hunted,,,,things a changing out here!!
    Scorer: Pope & Young
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