Best Archery Release


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    Best Archery Release

    What would you guys say is the best release for shooting targets from 10-25 yds outside.

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    I'd strongly suggest the Carter releases. They make finger and thumb releases, and are very high quality.

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    Come on I know you all own releases. I wan't to know so I can get a few ideas together before the season starts.

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    are you looking for a hand held or a wrist strap style release.

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    for 3d and spots i use a carter evolution+ and its made me a more consistent shooter and for hunting i just got a tru ball pro diamond extreme, but i haven't got to shoot it very much, it depends on what your gonna do with it

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    I like my Carter Colby hinge style release the best.

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    Releases were not designed for a specific distance.

    One that works, works at any distance.

    Carter makes a wide variety of great releases.

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    i like my scott grip release alot but am going to try a truball diamond just for the heck of it.
    Hunt/target: Bowtech Insanity, MBG accent w/ vengeance head and dovetail, limb driver, Paradigm carbon hammer and QD, Black eagle
    trad: tradtech titan II w/ blackmax carbon extreme limbs , Hunterbows 3 piece hybrid longbow

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    Carter Carter Carter!! That's my vote! If you need help with a particular release, they are a wonderfully patient company who backs up their products! As for which one, try a bunch. Evolution, Ember, Just Cuz, or whatever for thumb or BT, or wrist. Good luck!

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    Right now it would be used for outdoor spot shooting and I would rather have a finger release.

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    carter 2shot or quikie hard to beat for this style. check the AT trades forum under releases

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    carter all the way.

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    Thumbs up

    Carter 2 shot, solution 3

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    Sorry for the noob questions but whats so good about a carter release and do they make one with a full wrist strap like with just an opening for your thumb and an lever style index finger trigger (non-button trigger).

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    Getting back into arcjery and I needed a new release(my old wrist strap rope release didnt fair the 12 year storage so well). I was worried about switching to handheld model from a wrist pull model.

    I got the carter chocolate. I had zero problem switching to this style. The release seems made very well, is very smooth, and shoots great. Happy with it thus far.

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    C.C. Porter

    The Cx-1 is my relase for Targets and the Mako is the one I choose for Hunting...

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