Our Handmade Venom 3 Piece Takedown Bow & “The Sabertooth” Bowie Knife are 10% off for a limited time.

Venom Takedown Bow Description: This handmade bow is one of our top sellers. It is available with several types of backings (Rattlesnake, Anaconda, Black Snake, Sea Snake, Imitation Gator, and Wood). Custom bow wood backings available are Walnut, Bamboo, Osage, Tiger Maple, Leopardwood, Purple Heart, Red Heart, Ziricote, Maple, and Hickory. Wood choices for the actual bow itself are Osage, Hickory, Maple, and Oak. You also have the option of exotic wood (Tiger Maple, Bamboo, and Yew). You can select from up to 3 woods for the handle, and one wood for the limbs. Riser and limbs may be ordered separately. It has an average speed of around 186 FPS. Sale Price starting @ $292!

“The Sabertooth” Bowie Knife: This handmade knife had the survivalist in mind when it was designed.
Overall length is 13 ½ inches. Blade is 8 ½ inches long. Handle is 5 inches long. Blade width is 1 5/8 inches. Blade thickness is 5/16 inches. Handle thickness is 7/8 inches and is made out of Walnut. A hand stitched sheath is included, with your choice of dark red or deep brown. Sale Price is $179!

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Thanks & See Ya in the Wild!