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    G5 Expert ll Review

    I had been looking for a new drop away from my old one (ripcord) when I spotted this thing. It is pricey but I picked one up off ebay for 60 bucks.

    1. Ease of use 8/10
    This is one of the most simple rests I've set up yet and probably #1 as far as drop aways come. I had it set up and making bullet holes in about 15 min.

    2. Quietness 10/10
    This thing is silent literally you can't make a noise with it. It has a great design.

    3. Quality/Durability 9/10
    It appears to be very solid, not a lot of parts to mess with and everything is coated with something, no bare metal.

    4. Effectiveness 9/10
    This is a great design and is pretty fool proof. Drops away very quickly and crisply.

    Cons: As said before, no arrow containment, however if you have a smooth draw you will be fine.

    Overall 9/10 A very good rest, easy to tune for a drop away and solidly built. This would be my first choice for now

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    i have one ordered in black that should be here tomorrow......good review

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    I shoot alot of 3-D tournaments and I have the G5 expert II on both of my bows. I also work at a local shop and would recommend their rest over any other.
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    I have one coming myself, seems everyone is very happy with it! Thanks for the review.
    Have a classifieds issue or question, please PM me. Here to help!

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    i have been using one for about a year now,first the DMI version then the G5,and couldnt be happier.used it for hunting this year and it worked great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drummeister View Post
    i have been using one for about a year now,first the DMI version then the G5,and couldnt be happier.used it for hunting this year and it worked great.
    I just got the DMI version for Christmas, is there an actual difference? In photos they looks the same.

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    DMI vs. G5

    Quote Originally Posted by bacon27 View Post
    I just got the DMI version for Christmas, is there an actual difference? In photos they looks the same.
    The DMI had a delren contact surface with two "O" rings on it the G5 has a one piece molded contact surface. There seems to be little difference between the two materials and both work excellent.

    Awesome rest..!!! I would recommend them over any drop-a-way I have ever dealt with.

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    I really like mine. Make sure to tighten down the vertical micro-adjust screw after you lock everything down though. Mine was causing a bit of vibration.

    I really like being able to fine tune the cord length to the bus cable.

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    I have two ex!!`s. they come w/two types of arrow holders. one`s a rest(loose hold) other is a snap type holder. works perfectly. total containment. G5 is a pain in the neck 2 deal with. I have 2 mathews drenalins. g5 modified the roller for center shot. they sent me one modified roller but no matter what I do they won`t send me a second one. I offered to pay for it. they said no charge, no problem, but aft 3 months of calling and email no response. this post will probably remind me to call-em again. the rest is a 10/10 g5 not so good. wish Doty would take there patent back.

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    I used to shoot an Expert I on my Martin 08 MOAB before I sold my whole setup. I replaced a QAD with the Expert to get the proper clearance to shoot FOBs. Needless to say, I didn't like shooting FOBs, but loved the rest. The part about the noise is correct - this thing is QUIET. Setup also was pretty easy. I installed my old QAD on my Dad's rig, and it has a very distinct "clang" when it hits the riser. I've padded it and made it quieter, but still not like the Expert. Already ordered an Expert II to go on my future rig. Still deciding what bow to buy.
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    i loved it. it was very easy to tune especially but i swithched to the qad because of the whole arrow containment thing. but a very good rest

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