First Buck with the Barnsdale


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    First Buck with the Barnsdale

    I'm posting this here instead of the Bowhunting section since I figured you guys may appreciate it more. I reluctantly allowed my son (he shoots fingers) to take his Barnsdale target bow out into the South Texas brush hunting and he took this nice 9 point buck - he even used his Sure-Loc target sights. Shot it at about 13 yards.

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    WAY TO GO DAD !!!! , That is Great to see the young man with a nice deer like that , like that camo Pioneer hat too Congratz !!!!!!!!!

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    Congrats!! That's a fine buck your son got, I know your proud of him.

    I'm wondering though why the deer didn't get the word that your son was supposed to be using the latest camo pattern on his bow, and that he wasn't supposed to use a target sight. How could that happen?? Just goes to show you that camo is for people not the deer and if your a good enough hunter you can even shoot them with a blue bow.

    Good job!!!

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    Thats awsome! Congrats to him!
    The only thing that would concern me with using such a bow is shine, or reflected light. Apparently that was not a problem this time. Other than that, bow color would'nt matter to me. Good for him, a very nice buck.

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    Good looking boy, buck, and bow. I'm guessing that bow color is urban camo???

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    Great picture. Looks ready made for a computer desktop. There is the future of hunting on its way. Congratulations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unclegus View Post
    Good looking boy, buck, and bow. I'm guessing that bow color is urban camo???

    I like it!!

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    Just noticed your boy's picture on the Barnsdale website. You've got yourself quite a shooter there!

    Congrats all around!

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    First Buck with the Barnsdale

    You know that us folks are a tight bunch... Good going!!!
    Bob Borges
    NFAA Southwest Sectional Councilman
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    Gator Vanes
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    great job... congrats
    I knarfled the garfunk!!!Hidden Content

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    Wow, nice buck!

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    Wow great deer. Something tells me it's the first of many.

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