Newest Build Jazz DV150 with Modular contacts


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    Newest Build Jazz DV150 with Modular contacts

    I just finished this one up and going to build another like it...

    Its a Modified Jazz DV150 converted to IR with the electronics BB233 lens, I also used the Modular contacts Idea that HannasDaddy outlined and molded a lexan holder to hold the camera in place and position the camera onto the modular contacts, I used a 5 and 4 pad modular contact... 5 for the jazz hack and connection to the BF JAZZ Controller board and a 2 for external power and 2 for external mic.

    I used Jags 12 Led array with heat sink, these are 2 6 led arrays together, what I did is split them in half, mounted them vertical and angled each array approx 20 degrees ... 1 to the left and 1 to the right, This spread the light matching the BF233 lens window and eliminated the spotlight effect completely. Very happy with its illumination and coverage of the BF233 lens and area.

    I used the pre amplifier and mounted the mic out the bottom of the case, and used a bark biter bracket to mount the unit to the tree...

    I made a cover plate to enclose the electronics which is easily removed to service anything that should arise or need attention. The array is powered by 4 C cell batteries, which also powers the preamp for the mic as well. externals are not added at this time but can easily be added if I elect to, I figured I might as well wire the camera to accept this and have it ready if I ever decide to do external power, which I doubt I will, the lithium batteries far outlast the card size as it is so dont really see the need.

    Here are some pics I took today of the unit completed:

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    Nice clean build Dan

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    Just like every single camera I have seen of yours.. amazing

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    Nice build

    Nice build.

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    Roughly how much do you have in that Jazz build? VERY nice!

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    As usual

    setting the standard, VERY NICE WORK DAN!
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    Thanks everyone for the kind comments, The Jazz units are allot of fun to use and build and they do a pretty nice job for scrape setups, but the resolution is only 640x480 so they do lack in higher end video quality, but the bright side is there awesome in IR applications such as this build, The jazz sees IR light VERY well and thats its perk as a video unit for scrapes and close proximity setups where any bright light will push animals off, plus there 100% silent and make no noise at all....

    The audio is also Outstanding with the pre amplifier, I can pick up a normal tone persons voice at 40 yards without a problem with the pre amplifier and the electret mic supplied with the pre amp ... so close action scrape setups are not a problem

    Quote Originally Posted by goatranch View Post
    Roughly how much do you have in that Jazz build? VERY nice!
    here you go....They do add up pretty quick because there is a good amount that goes into them as far as parts go, the build you see here is priced as follows...

    jazz dv150 camera 65.00- 100.00
    BF Jazz controller 42.00
    hpwa lens 8.00
    2mm hear glass 8.00
    pelican 1030 case 15.00
    2 c battery holders 3.50
    2 sister boards 1 to control array and 1 to control microphone 9.00
    electronics 123 amplifier for sound 12.50
    BF233 electronics 123 jazz IR cam lens assembly 10.00
    either a 5 wire and 4 wire servo setup or modular contacts with hack 10.00
    IR 850 NM. Array setup 45.00
    etc and misc 20.00

    Theres around 250.00 in cost with parts alone, and allot of work to build one, and this does not include any shipping of the parts

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