Starter Bow for 6 year old??


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    Starter Bow for 6 year old??

    Hey guys,
    My oldest son is finally turning 6 and I am looking forward to upgrading to a new bow for him. We've shot most of the youth models over the last couple of years, but now it feels like he can shoot a more true compound (not just a "toy" bow) Recently I've been looking at the Fuse Freestyles. Anyone have a suggestion for what they feel is the best bow for a kid starting out. I want something that will grow a little with him, but is still a good bow. Still looking for something that shoots like a compound in a junior model too (ie letoff of some sort). He's a strong kid, but still wouldn't want a draw weight of more than 15lbs to start probably and a wide draw length adjustability range is ideal. Any advice/experience to share would be welcomed...

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    I am going to recommend a Mathews Genesis, Mustang, or any of the youth PSE series. I started off with a PSE youth bow and it was fantastic!

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    Well my boy has been shooting since he was 4 and is now 7, We were in the same delima cause he wanted to shoot a compound but has been shooting a recurve. After searching the market to find a bow that would grow with him and be able to go up in poundage we were able to find a PSE Spyder ` used but in great condition` for $200.00 with all kinds of accessories.
    I personally wanted to buy him a Darton Ranger 2 but for the price we couldn`t beat this deal.
    They are a couple of years old but if you can find one they are very easy to work on. If not, then check out the ranger 2 by Darton.

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    If this was my child at 6 I would start him out with a mini Genesis or the the regular. Just the bare bones bow with some full length 1820 arrows. This method will teach him the foundation, basics and fundimentals prior to a compound with let off, a realease and sights. After he shoots this for a while and understands how ALL of his actions effect his shot, then I would put him in a more advanced set up.


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    I have 7 and 9 year old girls and they are shooting the Mini and an original Genesis. I feel they are great bows and they have every thing on them that you need to add/ upgrade parts. Sight, rest, stab. I have even shot the original using my release and it shoots good the original will fit me and I'm 6 foot but the mini is just a little short. these would be great bows for him to grow up with.
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