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    PSE Carrera

    I found one here close for sale. anyone know anything about it. I have never messed with a pse.
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    I had a Carerra solo cam. It was FAST! Really fast! Didn't shoot very well, but it was fast!

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    I still have a Carrera.. It was definately insanely fast for the time. It was as Mono suggested difficult to shoot. Very touchy. Any form flaws are magnified in the shot. I do believe shooting that bow for 4 years made me a better shooter for sure.. I had two of them at one time. One was the Orion cam (65% let off) and the other was if I recall Lightening cam? (80% let off)..

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    I just retired mine. Very fast for it's time (I think mine was bought in 98 or 99), but there is no comparison on the noise level to a current model. I never had any issues with the way it shot, it was just so loud. I did deck mine out with limbsavers, string leaches, and it helped. Just don't expect it to be whisper quiet.

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    They are ten years old. Spend a little more and get 21st century technology.
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    I had one and it was FASSSSST but it had a valley so short that if you relaxed at all at anchor it would tear your arm off!! I went thru 3 sets of limbs and a then the riser broke!! PSE discontinued it and they sent me a NEW Pro series something that I can't recall. I wish I had never seen the Bow. Nothing but trouble.

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    Yup, pretty much what they all said; fast, LOUD, and your form had better be good to be accurate. I had no breakage with the ones I had, but the minute your form started to slip a bit, forget about being in the target.

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    Had one for the last 10 years. It is loud, I have everything that limbsaver makes for that bow. I even have the ones that attach to the limb adjustment bolts. It's loud but it's fast. I had an elk duck the arrow with it at 35 yards. I haven't had any accuracy issues with it. I have flown a couple arrows with it, but it's not that tough to shoot and be very accurate with it. I constantly put arrows in 1 - 2" groups shooting 3-6+ arrows at a time. Its a fast shooter. It is a speed bow for it's day. It's set at 57lbs and I shoot a 400gr arrow. It still sends them fast. Cool bow, but aged compared to todays offerings.

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    I still have mine. Great bow and FAST for its time. Got mine just under 300fps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Pain View Post
    I still have mine. Great bow and FAST for its time. Got mine just under 300fps
    Mine is just over 300fps with the updated arrows...maybe the OP saw mine for sale? If so, I'd sell it for $100 shipped and it has new string/cables on it too...

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    I must be Robin Hood because I can't miss the kill zone with my carrera.

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