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Thread: should your arrow be knock high??

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    should your arrow be knock high??

    should your arrow be knock high at full draw or 90 degrees to the string??I was told both ways now im confused......

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    nock high

    Iam sure you will get a lot of replies. when I set my bows up for customers and my self. (dual cam) with a bow square I start 1/8th inch high, there are some solo cams that will go slightly higher. the old solo cam bows even went up to 3/8 inch high. so now this is where paper tuning comes in. there are pro and top shooters who like there arrow to come out nock high but this is not the norm hope this helps

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    knock high??

    I was told by a pro yesterday to keep it square with the string.I know because of the knock shape that if you keep the bottom knock a 1/8 inch high than knock the arrow the arrow will be square.I wonder if this is where that knock high started. Thanks for the reply

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    There was a tremendous article on bow set-up in Bow & Arrow Hunting magazine last month, and the author recommended 1/8" high with a bow square to create proper down force for the shaft. This creates accuracy down field.

    Best of luck and good shootin'.

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    knock high is ok but you dont want to overdue it. 1/8" is reccomended

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    some say for a dropaway it should be square and for fixed rest it should be 1/8" high

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    where are you measuring?

    Are you getting the measurement from the center of the knock, bottom of the knock or somewhere else?

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    knock high 1/8 inch?????????????or square

    i think he means just 1/8 inch high from being i earlies a olympic medalist told me to make it square ..i am using a dropaway rest????????

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    Nock Height

    When I set my own bows up, I always put a level on the string and a level on the arrow. From there, I'll set the nock height so that the bubble is just touching the back line (slightly nock high). I use strictly fixed position rests, so I couldn't comment either way for the drop aways...

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    I place my nock point 1/16" above centre of the Berger. Depening on the results I get I set my arrow between 90 degrees to the string and as far down as the middle of the Berger.

    It worked for my Ultratrec, Trykon XT, Katera and now my AM35.

    I did go far higher than 1/16" but lately I sort of standardised.

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    I set my solo cam at 1/8 and my cam 1/2 at 90.
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    it depends . . .

    starting square or a hair nock-high is a good rule of thumb, and then tune from there

    I have had a couple bows that liked to tune nock low, which always bugged me, but a local pro shop told me it is not that unusual (to run it nock low to get agood paper tune)

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    Some drop away rests recommend slightly nock high , some level. The old rule of thumb was to start nock high to avoid rest contact and false paper tears caused by contact. Kind of kept you from pulling your hair out trying to tune to a bullet hole when the arrow was kicking from contact with the rest. I still like to start a little high and come down, rather than start low. Having the nock end up below square really bugs me, I always suspect mistimed cams, or mismatched limbs. Square or a little high is o.k., in my opinion. Good luck.

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    My take on this question is:

    90 degress and 1/8 nock high can be the same thing depending on perspective!

    If you use a bow square you are actually measure the rest where the bottom of the shaft sits, so the center of the shaft would be 1/8" above that.

    If you are using a string level and arrow level (probably a better method) you set everything square (90 degrees) because you are measuring where the shaft is actually sitting.

    They're the same thing!

    But I have heard of guys setting the nock 1/8" high using the level method to avoid contact issues and a difficult paper tune.

    You can buy arrows levels with 1/8" marks on them.

    And of course, everything really depends on your nock travel! If you nock doesn't fly level, then all really doesn't matter. And in this case, only the paper tune / bare shaft, will tell you where to set it.

    Maybe I am wrong, but that's my 2 cents.

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