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    ross carnivore comes in a 34inch and a 37inch a2a. These bows are very smooth and quiet.

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    Take a look at the Pearson Z-7 single cam you can set it to suit your self with speed and wall by the timeing.

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    Smile pearson

    the pearson z 34 with the z-7 solo cam is the smoothest bow I have ever drawn.

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    The smoothest drawing bow I've shot is a Katera XL w/ Z3 cams, Thats why I bought mine. I love those cams.

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    I love my Katera it is very smooth, but have never felt a better draw than an original Ross, dont know about the bowteck/ross though... ben pearson z bows are up there at the top of smooth also

    you may want to look for a "soft" draw... a heavy bow can be smooth and many people on here list those types of bows... as smooth.. look at nothing but single cams, and not speed bows... I see the mathews bows always listed as smooth, but they have little valley or "usable" let off... smooth maybe but not soft,, your going to have to look around, Martin will probably fill the bill for you, but I just sold a pearson spolier angle to a not so strong guy #60, he never felt better, pearson is was and will be one of the smoothest and softest drws out there and give enough speed to be glad for the purchase.,. you will find the 15# weight range on martin an advantage... they have a great valley too... make a weekend trip somewhere that has a lot of shops... he needs to do the drawing as much as possible,, for checking the draw top out at 60# he wont wear out so fast and will be able to tell the difference
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    Pse bow madness xs!

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    In my opinion a 60# Elite GT500 is the smoothest there is out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingvjack View Post
    I was standing in line to try the SWAT, and I was told to try the Sniper... It sucked and I didn't even go to the SWAT....
    That being said, I shot both the AM32, 35, REEZEN and The Captain...
    I can tell ya this... Folks are buyin the AM32 for a reason, It is just simply awesome. Both in draw and in general feel...
    Guys on here that shoot Bowtechs, mathews, PSE or anything else are pickin these things up and buyin em up like hot cakes....
    The Sniper and the SWAT are two different bows. The swat is the the bargain bow of the bowtech lineup plus the bow's entire layout is different than the Sniper. This is like saying I shot the martin bengal and didn't like it so I won't shoot the Alien X because they are technically made by the same company. Your logic is not the best logic my friend.

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    Thanks everyone, I took notes for the bows to try.

    I see now that smooth may not be the term I should have used because I really was not paying attention to smooth the way some of you may. Easy drawing would be a better term.

    I shot an Elite GT500. Beautiful bow, but even turned down to 50 it was not easy to roll over. I wouldnt argue against it being smooth though. The Martins at 60 where easier to pull.

    For an old recurve guy, these new bows take some getting used to. I think I'm over the short thing, now even these parallel limbs aint so bad, except to get a longer bow, they sure pick up mass weight fast, but I was watching a PSE X force bow ahead of me at a 3d shoot a week ago, and that is going to take some getting used to. But, I'll try one and also the bowmadness that got so many votes.

    Have the lever bows gotten quieter? Seems I remember hearing complaints in that area.

    Last question, what is the rule of thumb for gaining/loosing speed for each inch of draw length?

    Thanks for the help.

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    The smoothest bow I ever had was the Diamond Black Ice. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it so far.
    '16 ELITE IMPULSE 31
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    smoothe bow

    i can not believe that no one recomended a Quest xpb or any Quest bow every one i have shot have been very smoothe

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    The hoyt superhawk is a dream to pull back, has a good back wall too. Not the best ATA that you're looking for. I've heard good things about the bowtech SWAT though.
    2007 Bowtech Equalizer
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    I shot almost all the new bows when looking for my new one. PSE, Hoyt, Mathews, Botech, Diamond, Browning, Martin.

    The 2009 SWAT was the smoothest draw out there for me. My last bow was a HOYT, but I went with the Bowtech this time around.

    YOU need to try them and see what is best for YOU. My opinion on draw will more than likely be different than yours.

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    if your intrested in smooth the best there is is quest xpb, elites are right there too,,,,

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    You just about have to shoot some side-by-side to REALLY know which are smoother (or easier pulling). I shot a lot of bows this year to find smooth and easy, but had difficulty judging except when shooting side by side. I thought my Air Raid pulled smoothly until I shot it along with 09 Z28; found that the Z was much easier and smoother, now I want a Z.

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    If you're looking for smooth draw I'd say the Bowtech Liberty, the Black Ice, or a Full Force Addiction if you want a speed bow. Liberty was probably the smoothest I've owned with the Black Ice being second. I just pulled back a Addiction at a shoot the other weekend and it was felt as smooth as my Black Ice but shooting over 300 fps. It was nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly2 View Post
    Been shooting recurves but the fingers are giving out and the upper body strength aint the greatest either.

    I really like the way the M2 cams feel on the Martin bows like the MOAB

    I also like the 2 cam Mission UX2 and the one cam Journey

    The last compound I owned was a Z cam Martin Jaguar that pulled very smoothly but had no real back wall. It seems like many of the bows are a bear to break over. Really trying to find a smooth one that still has an IBO rating of 310 or better.

    I also like them to be under 4 pounds, 50-60 @ 28 and I'm thinking I might prefer something 34 to 37 or 38 inches ATA.

    Go to alot of 3d and do very well with the recurve but don't enter organized competitions and will also hunt it from treestands and ground blinds (recurve model, lol).

    It's hard to get around and try them all. But if I get some suggestion I'll sure try. Thanks for the help, Craig
    I would say a Prestige would fit the bill. Very consistant draw (no hump in the draw cycle at all), good valley and nice stiff back wall. ATA at 35", IBO at 322 in a 29" draw. Holds like a target bow. Just another option.

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    smooth means different things to different people...but when i think purely of smooth/easy to draw bows i think of single cam bows with a long brace height and probably average or below average speed....

    Either Ross although i thought the carnivore was smoother...
    Diamond black ice and Marquis
    Mathews Switchback
    Pearson Z series
    etc etc...

    Remember that generally speaking the faster the bow the harder the draw, you have to pull back that stored energy somehow, also generally speaking the dual cam, binary cam, non single cam bows often have more of a "drop" into the valley which people either like or don't but generally doesn't feel like a smooth transition......

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    "Have they gotten quieter?"

    Yep - by GCA Boar'd Predator Stealth is absolutely quiet. Just playing devil's advocate here, but you might want to wait a little while and see what you think of new offerings from Area 5150 Bows and Monster Bows (under 3 months is the promised dates).

    My Stealth is almost a flat line until it hits the wall, when it drops about 93%.

    My Tomcat II is easy-peasy smooth to roll over to a stone cold stop and 80% let-off.

    I shoot heavy arrows - and the lever bows soak it up.

    I don't know wheelie compounds. I love the lever/cam design, and look forward to the next evolution of that design to be released!

    Best of luck in making the best choice the first time!

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    mitchell indiana
    I would say the smoothest bow out on the market this year is the Athens Accomplice . . and then behind it the Elite XLR followed by the Bowtech 82nd and then mathews drenalin but that's my .02cents

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