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    Thanks. Pop's been at it since the 1970's. All the shops that were around when he went in business have closed their doors. He's made it the past 33 years one customer at a time... offering fair prices and great service. He always said his reputation would bring people in and his service would bring them back. Thank you for being loyal customers.....

    There's alot of good shops in WV, thanks for choosing his!

    Frank Jr.

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    I'm relatively new to archey and got my first bow from sportsman's refuge, they were great to work with and tolerant of my ignorance. They set me up with a great bow and I haven't had a reason to try any other shops.

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    sportsman emporium, i love mike. he is full of all kinds of knowledge and makes a awesome cup of coffee

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudflap View Post
    Bowlistic Archery in Chelyan. Kenny and Deanna are awesome to work with. Any one looking for good quality archery knowledge give themn a try.
    couldn't have said it better myself. sorry to be negative but i have NEVER had good luck with hunter's haven in elkins. even the new owners weren't any better. i was looking for a bowtech assassin and the hunter's haven employee told me they were switching owners and they'd be up and running around the first week of july. i visited the beginning of the second week (monday) and they told me they ordered all their bows and had 5 assassins coming, it'd probably be 1 week, 2 weeks top for them to arrive. i called twice, once at the end of each week and i was told the exact same thing and said it had to do with the delivery company.

    after waiting 3 1/2 weeks and still another "1-2 weeks", called some shops and they didnt have any in my area. i often visit my brother is charleston so called bowlistic and they said they had them, but only a 50-60 lb draw weight on the right hand models, and 60-70 on the left hand one. i wanted a 60-70 lb and they said they could switch the limbs overnight and i could pick it up the next morning since i lived so far away. went and shot it, and decided i had to have it. the great part? they switched the limbs out while i was there to save me the 40 min round trip the next day. no extra cost for it, super nice and very knowledgeable.

    recently my brother wanted a new sight for his bow, so for his birthday i bought him a fancy trophy ridge you can guess where i got that from. as long as i need bow accessories, i'll take a weekend to visit my brother and deal with people who really have their act together!

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    West Virginia
    where is archery addicts located?

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    Mountain heritage in Princeton can't beat their inventory and especially their prices!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha Burnt View Post
    where is archery addicts located?
    Lavalette. You can search Archery Addicts on facebook, there are pictures and information on the page. If you click info, it has contact information.

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    B & G proshop in Princeton. From the other places around They offered the most advise, were the friendliest, and the most knowledgeable. Bobby set me up with a nice new bow and helped me get used to a new style of shooting. I never used sights or a release before, always fingers and walked the string. Good shop and will use them frequently.

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    Around southern Wv u have B & G'S and Whitetail Pro r the two best to dell with.

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    Whitetail pro archery in lewisburg jeremy is a great guy and help with every thing even thought i dont shoot mathews

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    fairmont wv
    Sportsmans refuge is one of the best bow shops iv been to very helpful and setup my Mathews z7 xtreme perfect I will be a life long costumer

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    i have to say the two best that i have been in the state are b and g pro shop and addingtons archery both places make you feel right at home and they just make it a great experience and the two are the best when it comes to working on a bow and they dont mark up the price like other archery shops in the area

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    Sportsman's Refuge is the only place I will have my bow serviced. Fantastic staff and products.

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    ttt lets keep this thread going.

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    Is JBC Archery in Shady Springs, WV still in business?
    I purchased a bow there and need some repairs, but can't ever get in touch with anyone at the shop.

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    Middle creek archery in bunker hill wv. (Berkeley county)

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