bear glass powered kodiak hunter?


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    Question bear glass powered kodiak hunter?

    hello i was wondering if any one could tell me what this bow might be worth if i was to sell it. its in good condition as far as i know. it might need a new string. although no one has used it in years. it has written on it kt23400 nmo-60" 53#. says bear archery Grayling michigan canada 1953. pat# 2323765, 2613660, 2665678. and looks to have a copper bear coin. if any one knows anything about this bow that i might need to know i would appreciate it greatly. thank u

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    Check on ebay under "completed listings" and see what similar bows have been selling for.
    You could also research or ask at

    It's probably early '70s (the 1953 is a patent date). If it's in good shape, it's worth in the $150 range.
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