Florida Rut?? HELP


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    Florida Rut?? HELP

    In NE Florida bucks rub out of velvet in early August and by August 20th they start chasing does in 95 degree weather. Bow season starts the 2nd Sat in September. They scrape till october, start scraping again about thanksgiving and then cool off again till january, I just need some advice. Some of the older guys around hear think they rut for a few days each month until spring? No TV show or Magazine artical ever hits on this but a little help would be nice thanks

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    Tag. I've heard about them being in the rut as late as January. The glands on their legs didn't seem too fired up in mid Sept, but they were both younger deer and that might have something to do with it

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    Florida Rut

    The FL rut differs from place to place as close as a few miles apart. I once saw a map that showed the rut on one end of a county in October and the other side of the county in December. It's a mystery. Where I hunt in North Leon County it occurs in Late December/early January. In the St. Marks NWR 40 miles South of me in Wakulla County it's in early November. Good luck!!!
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    I lived in Creastveiw for a while noticed they seemed to rut the hardest in late Jan. but that was back in 96-97 havent been back there since I live in Polk county now and there isnt a problem to hunt the rut almost all season long down here depends where you are in the area

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    Around Clewiston, the rut is full blast during the 4th of July. By gun season most bucks have already lost their horns.

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    If you go to the FWC site click on hunting, and scroll to the bottom of the page. The last three things on the left are links to the maps showing historical rut dates, hope this helps. I tried to put the links up for you but I don't have enough posts to allow me to do that yet.

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