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    military bases

    Hey everyone hope that you all got to shoot today weather was great here in middle Georgia today. Have a question for the shooters on military bases that have archery ranges on base. Do you get any kind of monetary support from your base? I have been shooting on Robins AFB here off and on for several years and now I`ve become a range officer and everyone says that the base will not help in any way except to let us shoot on this wooded area that they can`t build on. Seems like they would help a little even thoug we are not playing soccer or softball.

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    get ahold of ft benning's mwr and ask them for help, info and advice.

    in the past, they have had ASA tournaments at ft benning and from what i have heard, things went VERY well between the civilians and the military.

    most of the resistance you will get comes from the lack of knowledge about the sport and commanders are reluctant to be educated.

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    Fort Gordon, Fort Benning and Fort Jackson all have big events on them.
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    Whiteman AFB in Missouri has a range and club but does not receive any funding outside club dues. Archery is supported by Outdoor Recreation in collecting membership dues and they help maintain the grounds. The range is basically maintained by about 3 of us and with the deployment cycles, it's getting harder each year to keep up with it.

    Look into your base MWR AFI's and try to partner with them on support. For the AF, archery is a class B activity and is not well supported by MWR funds.

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    Most bases don't want the liability. I have run the range on base here at NAS Whidbey Island for several years. MWR cut the ties with us in 2000. They still give us the use of the land and inspect yearly. We have our own insurance and run completely independent from the military. We have to have either active duty or retired military filling the Pres V.P. and treasurer positions but any of the other can be civilians. We have a nice little set up and as long as we run under the radar life is good.
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    Every post that I've been to will set a little piece of land aside for archery after they are nagged long enough, it helps to have a field grade officer arguing with you. Lonely Sergeants never get there way when it comes to convincing a Colonel but you add a CW4 or a Major in the fight and the Colonel will give you a few minutes of his time. As far as post funding, now that is funny.

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    Air Force Academy has a major program and Fort Carson also has a range. I don't know about base support for the ranges, but Carson built its first range completely on post funding. I don't know about the new range there. I believe AFA is club funded facitlity with some base support.

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    I know the Army and Airforce bases are different as far as MWR support and funding. But Barksdale AFB puts on some great shoots here are a couple contact numbers 318.453.0991 or 318.453.0976 for details.
    good luck
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    As mentioned above, "some" MWR's will help, some won't. You might check and see if there is a Rod & Gun club on base as well.

    At WPAFB, they could get all gun/archery equipment for cost plus 10%/no tax!

    MWR had a small outdoor range with cardboard bale targets, but, that was years ago. It could have changed.
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    Right now, our archery range at McChord AFB is a private org. With the Lewis McChord merger, we are supposed to be able to get MWR funds for targets and such. Im not sure if we are still going to be responsible for the repairs/upkeep of the range and grounds afterwards. The detail seem to change on a daily basis. I would imagine that MWR will say they dont have the funds to man/maintain the facilities and close it down. Seems to be the way things are going lately!
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    Fort Bragg is dead! I can not can any support from MWR and it sucks...... I even went as far as to call the MWR support center in Washington DC. In so many words was told to pound sand. What a shame it is, even tried to ask about putting together a Armed Forces Archery Team. I mean dang they have a bowling team.

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