Coupons for Illusion's New "Lost” Camo Turkey Calls


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    Exclamation Coupons for Illusion's New "Lost” Camo Turkey Calls

    Just thought I would inform you guys of a promotion Illusion is currently offering on all thier NEW Lost Camo friction calls. I figure there's no better place to get the word out than right here on an Archery site.

    Print of the coupon below and show it to your Mathews dealer for a 10% discount on any of the Lost Camo friction calls offered by Illusion. This is the First Spring these "Lost" camo exclusives are available. Each friction call is meticulously designed by US Friction Champ Steve Morgenstern. Furthermore, each call is precisely milled by the professionals at the McPhearson guitar factory to give them a customized acoustic sound. These things are the real deal! [=}=]

    I am informed that some dealers currently have them in stock, while some do not. If yours does not, you can ask them to order a batch from Illusion, otherwise just call Mark at Illusion to have them shipped to you direct (507)-281-0300. Just be sure to inform Mark that you want the 10% discount. He's a great guy to deal with. These calls will be sold out by the end of spring because they are produced in batches for quality control.. Turst me, you will not be dissatisfied with any of these calls. :thumbup

    And here are some pictures for you guys..

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    bump, just in case some of you didn't see this..

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    dear gravey!! What next Mathews I Pods?
    Smooth Shooting Bow
    Long stabilizer
    Sexy arrows
    Best rest money can buy
    And one good Indian behind all of it.

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